Does Jamie Lyn Spears have a boyfriend?

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Yes his name is casey
which is her husband now-daoquynh29
Yes and she already had a child with him
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Who is Jamie Lynn Spears crushing on?

Jamie Lynn Spears is currently dating Casey Aldridge, her boyfriend of several years. Spears has recently announced she is pregnant and Casey Aldridge is the father.

Is Jamie Lynn Spears hot?

most people think she is very pretty but i dont think sheel look good pregnant Jamie Spears As long as she doesn't end up like her big sister, she rocks. My Answer Jamie Spears is very hot. So wish I could meet her in person. :) By the way, I'm a girl. LOL :) :D

Is Jamie Lynn Spears pregnet?

yes, it is infact true. apperently she is 12 weeks pregnet and has told ok magazine which features her on the cover it should be avalible to by next week or the week after.

Why did Jamie Lynn Spears get pregnant?

Male and female have sexual relations. The entire purpose of sex is to have children. She took the risk when she had sex. She now has a child to take care of and she is only a child herself.But we dont know why she had sex .Alos if she did not have sex she would still have made t.v show.

Why did is Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant?

you mean why did Jamie Lynn Spears get pregnant anyways she got pregnant because she accidentally did not take her birth-control pills and she accidentally had sex

Where does jammie lyn spears live?

She lives in liberty mississippi. But if you pplan on ringing her doorbell you are going to have to get past the electric gate/fence. (I know this because I live right accross the street.)

When is Jamie spears birthday?

Jamie Lynn Spears was born April 4, 1991 to Jamie and Lynne Spears. With older sister Britney Spears and her big brother Bryan Spears.

Did Jamie Lynn Spears get fired?

No, she did not get fired. Other reports have said otherwise, but she has not been fired and her show has not been axed or cancelled. Zoey 101's season 4 has already been filmed and will be the last season for the show, as it has always been planned.. Nickelodeon is supporting Jamie Lynn to the ful (MORE)

Is Jamie Lyn Spears having a baby?

yep and shes only 15. (:Even though she might be a proud mom,I still dont think she should of gave birth at that age...or even thought of haveing a baby at that age:)

Does Jamie Lynn Spears have a baby?

Jamie Lynn Spears DOES have a baby, she gave birth to Maddie Briann on June 19th 2008, Jamie Lynn turned 20 on April 4th 2011. Jamie is living in Kentwood, Louisiana with fiance Casey Aldridge.

Is Jamie Lynn Spears pretty?

shes OK!!But yeah....she used to be pretty in season 1 and 2 of zoey 101...but she put on weight and got tanned and stopped looking cute.She used to look much better in blonde hair.

Where does Jamie-Lynn spears live?

Right now Jamie Lynn Spears the main character on Zoe 101 lives in the state of Mississippi but people Say that she came from Louisiana I know this answer because my cousin went down to Mississippi and met her down there in the middle of nowhere basically

Does Jamie Lynn Spears do alcohol?

No, because as of March of 2011 she is only 19 years old. Her birthday is on April 4, 1991. She will turn 20, but she won't be able to drink until 21 years old.

Who is Jamie Lynn Spears?

Jamie Lynn Spears is Britney Spears sister also known for a show on Nickelodian called Zoey 101. She has recently had a baby and she's only sixteen!!!!. Jamie Lynn Spears is a actress on Nick and she just turned 18 when it was April 4th and had a baby girl when she was too young.

Can you meet Jamie Lynn Spears?

Well if you look for her just like anyone else. Maybe if you went to a Brittany spears Concert and go. Back stage maybe you can ask her.

Who does Jamie Lynn Spears go out with?

umm it is Sarah Coolidge she went out with that guy u know she met at church the person with the sexy abs who sexually abused her casey alderage. she is pregnant now and when your pregnant you usually get fat

Who is Jamie spears husband?

After Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant with her daughter, she became engaged to Casey Aldridge, her longtime boyfriend and father of her child.

What religion is Jamie Lynn Spears?

On her MySpace website she lists her religion as Christian-other. She doesn't talk about it much and it doesn't seem to be a major focus of her life. But what is in her heart only God knows.

Is Jamie Lynn Spears a mum?

Yes, unfortunately, she did get pregnant at a young age. Can people not understand a baby is a huge responsibility, please use a condom, for christ's sake.

What work does Jamie Lynn Spears do?

She used to be an actress on her own show, Zoey 101, then she got pregnant so now she is a mom. And she's only 17! This is going to be a lot of work for her. . Jamie Lynn Spears doesn't have child only one! Jamie Lynn Spears said she might be doing Zoey101 after her child gets a little older.

Is Jamie Lynn Spears cute?

A lot of people said she was when she was like 13 or 12 but now she's grown up and has her own children.

Who is Jamie Lynn Spears' mother?

Jamie Lynn Spears' mother is Lynne Spears, also the mother of BryanSpears and pop singer Britney Spears. Her dad is also named Jamie.She's named after the 2 of them

Why does Jamie Lynn Spears have a baby?

I'm not really sure but she DOES have a boyfriend so . . . Oh! And by the way. If a girl and boy sleep together, they WILL have a baby soon. So I guess she always sleeps with her boyfriend. I have no idea who he is through.

Is Jamie Lynn Spears 19?

Well she is gonna be 19 in april, i forgot which date but i no its april. So she 18 and a half.

Does Jamie Spears like Eeyore?

she's 19 year old , but maybe she loves Eeyore because maybe Eeyore does happy Jamie Lynn Spears's baby Maddie Brian Aldridge 2 year old baby .

Why did Jamie Lyn Spears get fired?

Jamie Lynn Spears never got fired. After she had the baby in 2008 she took a break from acting to take care of her child. Now in 2011 she has a twitter, a facebook, and she also just recently made her own website. I have a feeling that she is going to have a comeback soon! :)

Who is Jamie Lynn Spears family?

I know for sure because she's my cousin oh yeah its awesome having her as a cousin ok i know her grandmother which is Steven and Jenny dads side and moms side is Jason and Connie well i meant grandparents

Who is the father of Jamie Lyn Spears?

Jamie Lynn Spears is the younger sister of pop star Britney Spears. Her father is Jamie Spears, and mother is Lynne Spears. She also has one brother named Bryan.