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Sabah or North Borneo is owned by the Sultanate of Sulu. Sabah was rented by BNBC in 1878 from the Sultan of Sulu and later turned to British Government for administration. when the company ceased to exist, respectively the political power of the Sultanate of Sulu was diminished by U. S government when they sponsored an independence on part of the Sulu archipelago islands bought from the Spanish in 1898.

This create a misunderstanding when Manuel Quezon declared not to recognized the political power of the Sultanate of Sulu and it''s heirs for the fear that a similar case will be filed against other part of Sulu archipelago which also own by the Sultanate of Sulu in the Philippines. The case filed by the heirs against Malaysia won on 1939 in the High Court of North Borneo under Mckaskie judgment declaring the ownership of Sabah by the Sultanate of Sulu heirs and the continuance of rental.

Malaysia continue the administration of Sabah upon their independence in 1963 to this day as per legal and historical facts serving as evidence. Malaysia is continually trying to deviate that political control and ownership of the land is the same. political sovereignty and proprietary sovereignty is being mix up until today , no clear indication that this issue will be settled between Malaysia and the leadership of the Sultanbate of Sulu standing now as ecclesiastical government.
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Who owns Sabah Island?

   The owner of Sabah is the Royal Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo Kingdom. It was been rented to the British North Borneo Company ,a private charter company in 1878.

Who owns sabah?

The territory of Sabah belongs to the people of Sabah who in 1963  legally formed Malaysia federation as a act of self determination.    In 1865 Charles Lees Moses obt

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Why Malaysia says they own Sabah?

The basis of Malaysia in owning Sabah is based on Landgrabbing Principle employed by the British government. The original lessee is a private british company, British North Bo

What is the proof that Sabah does not belong to Malaysia?

This is the logical proof that Sabah does not belong to Malaysia - Malaysia has manufacture the Cobbold Commission saying that the people of Sabah has wanted to be under them.

Why Malaysia keeps holding Sabah if not belong to them?

Malaysia has seen what the British has done and so they imitate to grab the opportunity when they got their independence from the British empire in 1963. Peninsular government

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Despite the validity of the case and the piles of documents that prooves the ownership of Sabah ,the proprietary ownership of the Sultanate of sulu and North Borneo, Malaysia

Is Sabah part of Malaysia?

Sabah and Sarawak is legally not a part of Federal Malaysia based on conditional partnership they agreed when Peninsular Malaysia become Federated in 1963. The 3 major reason

It is reasonable that Malaysia will govern Sabah as State owned by the Philippines?

No. It is not reasonable. Sabah is part of the Philippines according to the Law. Malaysia just got a hold to Sabah temporarily as they are closed to British who been leased

Why Malaysia insist the ownership of sabah?

All legal and historical facts and evidence is clear regarding the ownership of Sabah . Although the political government of Sabah is under the Federal government of Malaysia

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According to my extensive research, NO ONE own the Spratly Islands, but the Chinese dynasty during year 200 AD claim it and saying those part of the Island are belongs to them

Why did Malaysia stole sabah from the Philippines?

Because of the oil and money the malaysia goverment is so greedy.  Malaysia is currently profiting out of sabah which is part of the  philippines if I were the sabahan I wou