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Medicare and Medicaid are both government sponsored health insurance. Medicare covers people over the age of 65 and people with disabilities. Medicaid covers the poor (income level for acceptance varies by state.)
Yes, Medicare covered all my expenses, except for the deductions and the usual 20% charge. I had a child in 2002 and I only had to pay the doctor $458 which included my $100 deductible for the year. My epidural was also covered. I had to pay only the $700 deductible for the hospital bill. However, Medicare does not cover the care of the child. I hope this was helpful. I had searched for the same question when I was pregnant.  
Medicare covers pregnancy expenses as well as any insurance will. I am 19 and just discovered that I am pregnant and was really worried about that as well. Also, another good resource is the WIC program for nutritional support for you and your baby. Get approved as soon as possible to see an ob/gyn.  
i m 20 week pregnant and I just found out about Medicare actually i live in Florida - Daytona Beach and i want to apply for the Medicare is it possible to apply for Medicare now and i got the form but I don't know can i just post that form to the office or someone told me that i have to go to social security office for that i m really confused thanks  
I think the last two ladies who wrote in are needing MediCAID, not MediCARE. There is a difference. If you are pregnant and have no insurance, and are NOT disabled, you should go to your local welfare office and ask how to sign up for MEDICAID.  
I found out late last month that I was pregnant I went straight to my nearest hospital and applied for the PCAP program which is associated with Medicare I am now fully covered I'm not sure what I will eventually have to pay on my own but right now I get blood work checkups and counseling FREE as well as the WIC program and free dental care  
I am so surprised to have found this answer., I am disabled in both arms, not totally and am pregnant. I have Medicare because it was a work related injury and my workers comp. has me on permanent disability. So now at five months pregnant I am reassured by the answer a gal gave plus i got some info that ok'd it from Medicare .GOOd  
Thank you so much for your answer, I have been trying to find out this answer. I am disabled and on Medicare, Does anyone know if you can get insurance to cover your unborn child? I don't qualify for low income because I sold my house and I am living off that money now. I live in California.

  • In Texas, Medicaid covers ALL necessary expenses, including one or two routine ultrasounds (not sure exactly how many, but if a doctor deems another one necessary due to high-risk circumstances, it will be covered as well) . There is no co-payment or percentage.....you walk in, you walk out. The baby is covered up to one month of age, at which time you can apply for CHIP to cover the child. WIC here didn't help me very much though. I got some food vouchers, but there is just no where near enough funding for them to provide actual counseling or personalized care for MOST of the applicants, which is very unfortunate.
  • In the state of West Virginia MediCAID covers all expenses related to pregnancy. It covers full hospitalization and every OB/GYN appointment. It also covers prescription medication. West Virginia also has a program NEMT (non emergency medical transportation) in which you, or the driver, are reimburses travel expenses for round trips to each of your doctor appointments (at 48 cents per mile). These must be turned in within 60 days of the appointment and the form must be stamped by reception at the doctor's office. Medicaid also covers the circumcision of the baby and whatever route the doctor deems necessary for delivery (induction, regular delivery, epidural or other pain procedures, c-section, etc). MediCAID for your baby covers all well-baby visits to the pediatrician, NEMT, and covers complete costs of prescription medications. Over the counter recommended medications are not covered in either case. Your child can also receive dental and vision care. If you meet the requirements for Medicaid post-partum, the costs of your doctor visits and related procedures, as well as ER visits, are covered. You will also receive NEMT reimbursement. You do not have vision or dental coverage. The cost of your prescription medication will range from 50 cents to $3.00. Some specialty doctors are not covered, others are covered fully or partially. They will send you a booklet with a complete listing of doctors that are covered by Medicaid, depending on the program you choose (Unicare or Carelink).

WHO REALLY NEED IT. (like pregnant women and their babies) Medicaid does cover most pregnancy expenses. As far as I know, they wont cover medicines that you need that can be sold over the counter. My doctor prescribed for me to take iron tablets, and i had to end up paying for those out of my pocket. I also hear that if you
have any hospital or doctors bills that you haven't paid prior to three months of you being accepted or signing up , that they will retro back and pay those for you. But the only bad thing about it is once my baby is born they wont pay for his circumcision.


I am disabled and have medicare and it paid for my me when I was pregnant, as for my son he was under the state of Alabama's program called Allkids... most states I believe have programs to help children you can usually go to the health department and ask about state assisted programs for insurance when in doubt..
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