Does Michigan have a lottery?

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Yes, Michigan state government runs Michigan state lottery. the website address is

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How do you get a lottery?

Well there are a few ways to get in the lottery. You can find and play on the official website, or you can find an affiliate website which will redirect you to the official on

What is the most frequent 3 digit number in the Michigan lottery?

Knowledge of numbers that appeared in the past will have no bearing on future numbers. The fact that a certain number appeared several times makes it no more, or less, likely

What is the lottery?

A Lottery is a draw in which people have many numbers that they had to pay for and only one will be announced and one person will win a certain amount of money. Lottery is jus

Can you bequeath lottery winnings in Michigan?

Are you talking about after death? The winnings would just become an asset of the estate and go to whomever is designated to receive them from the deceased. If it is before de