Does Nike own Reebok?

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Rebok is owned by Adidas not Nike
Nike now bought out Rebok about a year ago, they still keep the name because a lot of customers still like the name and their logo. May 21, 2011
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Should you get Nike or Reeboks?

I would suggest getting nike.. Usually in these days noeone wears reeboks at all.. So if you want to be "cool" or hip of some sort.. Then i would recommend Nikes. go with w

What does Nike own?

It owns a lot of products such as hats, shoes, clothing appeal, etc. they're products are more for the type of people who play sports

Do people prefer Reebok or Nike?

People prefer nike better than reebok because nike is in the fasion buisness and we did a survey on "do people prefer reebok or nike" and 79% said nike.

Does Adidas own Reeboks?

adidas does not own reebok they have some sort of partnership in footwear but they are intirely different businesses
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Is Reebok better than Nike?

Of course, nike may have a strong advertisement game but people like nike only because of endorsements with celebrities and the fact that everybody wheres it, reebok has an ov