Does Nina dobrev have a twin sister?

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No, she has an older brother named Alexander, but no sisters.
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What is Nina dobrev?

Nina Dobrev is most famous for The Vampire Diaries. She plays Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce. You can find a detailed biography, pictures, and a list of moviesshe's acted

Is Nina dobrev pregnant?

......... no what gave you that dumb idea/my neice just said she had a pregnant girl glow about her in this last episode we watched when bonnie dies

Is Nina dobrev Canadian?

She is actually Bulgarian, as she was born there. She may have aCanadian citizenship, but she isn't Canadian.

Is Nina a nickname for Nina Dobrev?

Yes it is. Nina Dobrev's real name is Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva. It is shorted to Nima Dobrev. I'm guessing because the name is too long and hard to pronounce.\n