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Does Noel Fielding have any siblings?

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yes a brother called mike he plays naboo in the mighty boosh
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Who is noel fielding?

Noel Fielding is an English Comedian. He is most well known as halfof the comedy duo, The Mighty Boosh.

How does Noel Fielding show kindness?

Noel Fielding, by nature, is a very kind person. He is very caring, and thoughtful of others and their feelings. He shows kindness in ways that many people do. He likes making

Is Noel fielding on drugs?

Noel Fielding no longer takes illegal drugs. He had a phase with them last year (2009) and is now fully sober.

Does noel fielding drive?

  I belive he can drive, but I do not believe he does. In a radio interview I was listening to with him and Julian as guest stars, Julian stated at one point "...It was me

Is noel fielding engaged?

No He's Not, But It's Rumored That He Once Asked Dee To Marry Him Only To Be Turned Down Because She Wasn't Ready To Commit..=( They've Broken Up Now And He's In A Relationshi