Does Paddy Reilly live in Ireland or the US?

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I was in Ireland in Jan 2011 and at that time he was living in Ireland. He sod his bar in NYC to spend more time at his home in Ireland.
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Why is Ireland a good country to live in?

Ireland is a good country to live in because of it's climate. It's never too cold and never too hot! Similar climate all year round! The Irish are known to be really nice people, and they have their own sense of humor. Ireland is also a very green country with castles. The health care is free and th (MORE)

Where do people live in northern Ireland?

how do you mean? we live all over the place! it's just like any other country! the capital, Belfast and the second town Londonderry would be the two most popular places.

Does the Nessie live in Ireland?

yes, Nessie or "the loch ness monster" lives in irerland in a place called loch ness. hence the name. Nessie is a question many people ask. scientist have clues that lead to the existence of it but we are still uncertain. yes, Nessie or "the loch ness monster" lives in irerland in a place called loc (MORE)

Where in Ireland did O 'Reilly come from?

O' Reilly came from the name Ó Raghallaigh. They were a clan from the now Cavan area of modern Ireland and were a warlike tribe that fought the tribes of Ulster. Their most famous chieftain was Slasher Ó Raghallaigh and while having many enemies fought the MacMahon clan for decades. With the N (MORE)

When did the first people live in Ireland?

The first people came to Ireland in 9000 BC, from Scotland. They were Capoids, originally from Morocco, and they brought that funny drum. They were hunter-gatherers who also prospected for gold. Their descendants became known as the Leprechauns. They were invaded by Lapps from Scotland, and then by (MORE)

Can chinchillas live outside in Ireland?

It is not recommended to allow pet chinchillas outside. There are too many dangers for them. They are quite clean pets and are best looked after inside. You are supposed to keep them in a roomy cage, and let them out of it sometimes, but keeping them in a room. Talk to a pet shop owner and also to a (MORE)

The Monks who lived in Ireland?

Many different monks have lived in Ireland, belonging to a wide range of orders. They have lived in many places, such as Glendalough, Clonmacnoise, Melifont and lots of others. There are still many monks living in Ireland today. Historically many monks created what have now become great treasures th (MORE)

What happened Paddy O Daly after 1924 in Ireland?

According to testimony by Bill Bailey( served in free state garrison Tralee under daly) in interview with Ernie O Malley , Paddy O Daly was expelled from Army along with Capt Eddie Flood and a man called Hancock for alleged involvment in rape of two women in Kenmare. He did not cope well with civili (MORE)

Do weasels live in Ireland?

No, there are no weasels in Ireland. There are stoats, which somepeople mistake for weasels, but there are no actual weasels inIreland.

Is it better to live in Ireland or the US?

There really is no better. It's up to you and your tastes. . Ireland is a lot smaller than the USA, . There isn't a lot of violence (There's a lot inAmerica), so it is much safer. . Guns are hard to get a hold of, though people don't want tohave them, as there is no gun culture. (The Iri (MORE)

Where in nz do Ireland people live?

Irish people could be found in all the main cities and towns, so there is no particular place that you could say, so the answer is anywhere.

Why did St. Patrick live in Ireland?

The first time he was in Ireland, it was against his will. He waskidnapped and taken there to be sold as a slave. The second timePope Celestine I sent him to Ireland as a missionary.

How much is xbox live in Ireland?

10:00 euro for 1 month 30:00 euro for 3 months 60:00 euro for 12 months They make more money off the 1 month because it's more expensive and people couldn't be bothered to obtain 12 months even tough it's unrealistic that they'll be playing for less than a year.

What are the living conditions like in Ireland?

Very good, The Republic of Ireland was voted the best place to live in the world in 2008. The average Irish person earns more then average person in the U.S and most of Europe & the UK. Ireland is the 6th richest nation on earth per GDP and comes 5th in Human Development Index again ahead of the U.S (MORE)

Do bobcats live in Ireland?

Bobcats do not live in Ireland. They only live in North America. Their range is from southern Canada to northern Mexico.

Where is better to live Ireland or the UK?

That is purely subjective and purely a matter of opinion. The cultures of both are different. Ireland's population density is lower and they use the Euro - impossible to answer without bias

People that live in Ireland are dessendents from where?

Like any country, the people that live in Ireland have come from many places over many centuries. Some of the first people are believed to have come from northern Spain. There is also a large Celtic influence. There is a Viking connection which would connect people with Scandanavia. Many would have (MORE)

What is better to live in Canada or Ireland?

Ireland is because of there history in sports monastries and there legends and the 3rd biggest stadium in the world and also of there sports such as Hurling and g.a.a (Gaelic athelletic associatian ) also there own language called gaegile .

Why is living in western Ireland better than living in Ireland?

If you are living in western Ireland, then you are living in Ireland, so there is no difference. There are good and bad things about living in each part of Ireland, so it depends on what you are looking for in determining where in Ireland is the best place to live.

How many africans live in Ireland?

According to a census carried out in 2006 there were 41 000 individuals of African origin living within the borders of the Republic of Ireland. The next census is in 2011, the cso website will give you the most reliable information.

What is the best country to live in is Canada or Ireland or US?

There are really ups and downs for everything. For example, the US has the highest standard of living for the three, Canada has the best government, and Ireland has perhaps the most beauty per kilometre. But then the US has the current worst economy, Canada is quite cold most of the year, and Irelan (MORE)

What is the advantage and disadvantage in living in Ireland?

The great disadvantages of living in Ireland are the following: - People lie, steal and rob you of every penny you have. Whenever you make a deal, sign a contract, etc, make sure to doublecheck all those things you never expect to have to doublecheck in any civilized country, and make sure to put it (MORE)

Why do Indians live in Northern Ireland?

Simply, because they want to. Many nationalities can be found in Northern Ireland and Indians are just one nationality that choose to live there. They like it as a place to live, find work there, raise families there, just as they do in other countries. Simply, because they want to. Many nationalit (MORE)

Where does the primate of Ireland live?

The Primate of Ireland lives in Armagh, as he is the Archbishop of Armagh. The Primate of Ireland lives in Armagh, as he is the Archbishop of Armagh. The Primate of Ireland lives in Armagh, as he is the Archbishop of Armagh. The Primate of Ireland lives in Armagh, as he is the Archbishop of Armag (MORE)

Where in Ireland did the Normans live?

Mainly on the East Coast, although the whole island was theoretically tribute to them. Ireland is low and sloping on the leeward side (East, in this case) but rocky and rugged in the west. Consequently, the major urban centers are eastward. You may have heard someone use the term "beyond the Pale, (MORE)

How is paddy used?

The word paddy is generally used for rice or unmilled rice. In this case the answer is a bit lame: paddy is used as a food crop. Paddy could also refer to paddy fields; flooded and sometimes terraced rice fields often seen in South East Asia. Paddy's are used to secure water for the always thirs (MORE)

Where do the most Asians live in Ireland?

There is no particular place they live. As Dublin is the largestcity in Ireland and has the largest population, more people of anyethnicity live there than in any other part of the country, so moreAsians are there than in any other part of Ireland.

Are more Irish-Americans living in the US than there are Irish people living in Ireland?

There are over 6 times more people claiming Irish ancestry in theUSA, than people living in Ireland. Claiming to be Irish-Americanis very subjective, as some may have Irish ancestry that is severalgenerations back, like one great-great-great-grandparent, meaningtheir link to Ireland is very small. O (MORE)

Does paddy reilly sing anywhere anymore?

Someone says Paddy Reilly is not touring anymore because he is semiretired. Semi would imply that he will sometime perform. I wouldlove to hear him sing again - anywhere.

Do horses live in Ireland?

Yes. Ireland is one of the top nations in the world for breeding horses and for training them for racing and other sports. So Ireland has a huge amount of horses living in it.