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Yes, Pizza Hut does use Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).
Most fast food restaurants puts MSG in their food.
MSG is highly addictive, that is why most people crave the same fast food. Which causes them weight gain and obesity.
MSG is very difficult to avoid, since most food in the world contains MSG.
MSG is to blame for addiction and obesity.
Medical Assistant

Please state your sources.
There is no evidence to suggest that MSG is addictive. The reason people crave fast food is far more coplex than lumping the blame on MSG, for example, the fact that it's easy, and that it contains large amounts of salt sugar and fat, which all humans are programmed to crave, being relatively uncommon until recently.
MSG is not difficult to avoid at all, all you need to do is prepare your own food.
MSG is not to blame for addiction in any way whatsoever, and if it is linked to obesity, it's unproven, as Asian cuisine has been using it as a flavour enhancer for years, and they don't have anywhere near the problem that the US and UK have.

All MSG is is a kind of salt, and while there are issues with the high salt content of pre-packaged meals and junk food, there's no evidence that MSG is any worse than table salt.

Person that talks sense.

In addition to that, Pizza Hut is not "fast food". Anything you order at Pizza Hut is cooked to order, and you will be waiting, at minimum, fifteen to twenty minutes for your order. There is no reason for Pizza Hut to use preservatives in their food. The reason the Pizza Hut pizza tastes good is because, among other reasons, the high fat content.
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