Does Rasicm still exist?

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It is nieve to think that rasicm does not exist. Rascim is embedded in every single person. Though many people find that there are more importent things in a person than skin color, some people cannot see past it. Plus, this country has become so politically correct that anything that resemblems anything insulting. So yea it does still exist but it is more ley key then it used to be.
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Do you think dinosaurs still exist?

Many tribes deep in the amazon have elders that have reportedly seen live giant lizards described like our "long neck". . There have been enough sightings of unusually large

What does rasicm mean?

Racism is the act of discrimination against people of different ethnicity, race, religion, etc. but most commonly used for race.

Does polio still exist?

Yes it does. It is simply not very common anymore in the western world where we have widespread vaccines against it. But it is still a big threat in less developed countries.

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The Triple Entente was a military alliance that existed during WW I, between England, France, and Russia. It has not existed for quite a long time.

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Maltese tigers may exist, because they are very likely to have been born to regular orange or white tigers.
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How long has rasicm been around?

ever since white people had slaved black people about 500 years ago . rasicm had been going on and ever since then, and its still going on. its prejustice-ness keep people fro
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Will rasicm end?

sadly, I don't think it will ever end completely. There will always be racist people.