Does Sterling Knight have a little sister?

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Yes her name is Scarlett Knight, and you can look up a vid on youtube of her singing while he plays guitar its so cute ;-)
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Who is Sterling Knight?

Sterling Knight (born March 5, 1989) is an American actor, and singer. He plays Chad Dylan Cooper in Sonny With a Chance , and also played Christopher Wilde in the Disney Channel Original Movie Starstruck . And he plays in 17 Again as Alex O'Donnell.

Do you like sterling knight?

Of course he is so hot. Paula says: oh my god how can u not he's soooo hot and his eyes are just dreamy. a boy that every girl dreams of!!!!

Who has Sterling Knight previously dated?

Hey Guy's it's Sterling and I don't really wanna ya know say who I've dated in the past but check it out on my biography.....www.sterling knight's (ps) check out my new movie came out last night it's called:Starstruct check it out

Is sterling Knight dating someone?

Yes he is. Her name is Juliet Stromin. But let me just make it perfectly clear that " I HATE HER" I love him and want him to be mine. :(

What is sterling knights real name?

Sterling Knights real name is Sterling Knight that is his birth name and will allways be but if he changes it wont be that but for now it has been and is.

Where is Sterling Knight from?

Sterling Knight is from the small town of Manvel, Portugal, which is in the Nothernal Regional area. He was born on 5th September in Gratasveer Hospital.

What is sterling knights brother name?

Sterling Knight has around 8 brothers and sisters and they are all in the acting business. one of there names that i know of is Matthew Knight he is 15 years old and he has just played in the movie, The Grudge 3. :)

Does sterling knight have a sister?

Yessss. =]. Her name is Scarlett.. This is a video of him performing with her -. And these are some photos of them both together -. (MORE)

Is sterling knight cute to you?

Of course IM OBSESSED WITH HIM he rox and is super funny on Sonny with a Chance I luuuuuvvvvvv him, he is the hottest guy on Disney channel!!!!!!!!SSSSOOOOO funny on Sonny With A Chance!!!! i love him i love him i love him! yess he's sooooo gorgeous!! is anybody else as obsessed with (MORE)

Where is sterling knight now?

Sterling Knight is currently filming new episodes for Sonny With A Chance also he might be starring in the movie Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale. It is currently in-production.

Can sterling knight sing?

Yeah, he can. =D. He's good. Not the best, but he's still good. =P. These are some videos of him singing -.

What does sterling Knight like in a girl?

i read in a magazine that he likes outstanding girls, girls that like to have fun, but can be serious too. He loves making them laugh and he hates drama. He also likes girls that take care of themselves. ;p Paula Says: he likes girl that have a pretty good smile and beautiful eyes cause he thi (MORE)

Who is sterling knight crushing on?

Alyson Stoner No it int hes dating Demi Lavato Alyson Stoner is like 15 and hes 20 he is sooo not dating demi lovato cuz demi is dating Trey Songz and sterling is dating no one last that i heard

Does sterling knight have wrinkles?

Sterling Knight doesn't have wrinkles when his face is straight, but when he smiles, he has natural wrinkles on either side of his mouth from smiling too much :D

Who is Sterling Knight crush?

sterling knights crush is debby ryan i read it and if you got to youtube sterling knight and debby ryan video sterling says i love that girl

Does Sterling Knight sing hero?

Sterling Knight does not sing hero. But he is a singer and he does sing some songs. he is a really great singer. and he did sing before the movie Starstruck.

How did sterling knight get famous?

Sterling Knight became famous of his first audition. He started off small in DISNEY CHANNEL and then came to be in a funny show made in 08 called Sonny With a Chance . Then his big movie, Starstruck came and he got a role for that. Look up his audition tapes on youtube.

How cute is sterling knight?

Very cute! How can you even ask something like that? He's the most gorgeous guy on Disney channel....i love his eyes....

Does Sterling Knight have any CD's out?

Sterling Knight has sung for the movie StarStruck on Disney Channel so if you buy the soundtrack, you'll hear some songs by him. If you search on iTunes for it, his music will be under the artist Christopher Wilde because that's the name of his character in the movie.

What are the lyrics to Hero by sterling knight?

I'm no superman I can't take your hand And fly you anywhere You want to go (yeah) I can't read your mind Like a billboard sign And tell you everything You want to give up I'll be your hero I, I can be everything you need If you're the one for me Like gravity I'll be unstoppa (MORE)

Has Sterling Knight kissed a girl?

yes he has..... i read in a mag that he used to have braces and he and this girl were kissing and they got stuck together.... the nurse had to pry there heads apart..... u can find that in a YIKES mag im not sure wat month but its on sale til 6-28-10

Does Sterling Knight have an album?

He just has the "Starstruck" album so far. I don't think he's sung before until that movie. Well, he didn't create an album before that movie.

Who is sterling knights sister?

He has a younger sister named Samantha Scarlett Knight. He also has a younger brother, if you wanted to know, named Spencer Shuga Knight.

How rich is sterling knight?

I dont rich. He is but.I know when before he became.celebrity he still rich even.if.he's not. celebrity,,,,,,,,,my rich because he got.quite.alot of tv shows that.are.popular around,,,he's more richer now than.before he became

Who is singing for sterling knight in starstuck?

no one he is Actually, Sterling just sings "Starstruck" main vocals. Drew Ryan Scott sang "Hero", "What You Mean To Me", "Shades", etc. He also sang the backgrounds for Sterling in "Starstruck".This was because Sterling was called in too late in filming production (he replaced Cody Linley (MORE)

How is sterling knight dating?

Don't waste your life fantasizing about dating a celebrity love, its not gonna happen. Try looking for someone who's available? ;)

Did sterling knight cut his hair?

Yes he did sadly.. He had it cut after he finished filming "Starstruck". I really hope he grows it back again. Short hair doesn't suit him.

What are facts about sterling knight?

Sterling knight is 21, and not a virgin! He had sex with demi lovato 7 before dumping her last year!!! He isn't six ft tall and way about 10 1/2 stone! He is now single but looking for a virgin!

Does sterling knight reveal his feet?

Theres an episode of Hannah Montana where he plays a character called lucas and hes in flip flops for most of the episode and in the film starstruck theres a slight shot of him in flip flops there but ive yet to find any barefoot photos or clear shots :( sorry

Is sterling knight Republican?

I'm thinking that he is a republican, because during an interview he said that America should abolish political correctness, which means that he doesn't support the idea of having to be politically correct. And for those of you who don't know, democrats are mainly those who are in support of being p (MORE)