Does Windows 7 loader have any flaws?

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What is Windows 7 loader?

windows7 loader is a program that will make a non-genuine copyof Windows 7 activated permanently. Windows 7 RTM UltimateActivation with OEM Information This activator works on

Is Windows 7 Backup any good?

Backup and Restore Feature in Windows 7 creates safety copies of your most important files. Let Windows choose what to back up, or pick individual folders, libraries, or dr

Is any antivirus needed for Windows 7?

Yes, antivirus is needed for any operating system. It's needed for any Windows operating system - not Linux. Not because Linux is bulletproof, but because viruses are written
In Windows 7

Are there any Windows 7 themes for Windows 8?

If you mean "Visual Styles" by saying "Themes", the extensions of windows 7 and windows 8 visual styles are different. That makes it almost impossible to install windows 7 vis