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Does Workmans Comp insurance have to be paid on tips?

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They only have to pay Workman's Comp on reported tips. If you did not report or claim your tips, then there is no proof of them and Workman's Comp doesn't have to pay anything.
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Can my spouse sue my workmans comp?

IF a worker who qualifies for WC benefits is receiving them, then no one can sue the WC carrier or the employer - WC is designed to be the "exclusive remedy" for workplace inj

Where can you get per job workmans comp insurance?

The short answer is... you probably won't be able to find it, ever. There is simply not enough premium collected from a short-term workers comp policy for an insurer to want t

Do i need Workmans comp for spouse?

If your spouse draws a wage from you or your company, you must include her in any workers' compensation plan. If you both own the business as sole proprietors, neither of you

How does one get a workmans comp settlement?

There are two ways one can get a workmans comp settlement. It can either be awarded through a panel which has reviewed the case and found one to be eligible for it. If that ha

Do you need workmans comp insurance for a concession stand if employee 13 years of age?

You need workers' compensation insurance if you have employees. You do not need worker's comp insurance if you are a sole owner. In most states, owners of a business are exem

You are hiring a carpenter for a house remodel Do you need to get workmans comp insurance?

  You should hire a licensed contractor. He should already have liability insurance and workmen's comp for his employees. If you do not hire a properly licensed contractor

Six months of workmans comp insurance cost?

Depends on several things: your line of work, limits, deductibles, payroll, number of employees, years in business, experience, whether you have a safety program, claims histo