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Does Workmans Comp insurance have to be paid on tips?

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They only have to pay Workman's Comp on reported tips. If you did not report or claim your tips, then there is no proof of them and Workman's Comp doesn't have to pay anything.
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Do you have to pay medical insurance whill off on workmens comp?

  Even though you're out of work due to a worker's comp case, your premiums for your medical insurance still need to be paid. Just keep in mind that your medical insurance

Are funeral services paid for by insurance?

Funeral services can be payed for WITH insurance, but the cost of a funeral is not paid for BY the insurance plan. A funeral is a 'out of pocket' expense.

When an employee falls in the parking lot coming into work is it workmans comp?

  Yes it is a workmans comp if he was scheduled to come in or he had an appointment. Massachusetts   Answer   Yes it is a workmans comp if he was scheduled to co

Where can you get per job workmans comp insurance?

The short answer is... you probably won't be able to find it, ever. There is simply not enough premium collected from a short-term workers comp policy for an insurer to want t

Do i need Workmans comp for spouse?

If your spouse draws a wage from you or your company, you must include her in any workers' compensation plan. If you both own the business as sole proprietors, neither of you

What is a paid up insurance policy?

  A paid up insurance policy is a life insurance policy under which all life insurance premiums have already been paid, with no further premium payments due on the policy.

How long does it take to receive a workmens comp benefit check?

  Answer     My husband is currently on workmans comp and has been since July 2006. It took about 6 weeks before we received the first check from workmans comp.

Do you need workmans comp if I am self employed?

  Possibly. Your clients may require you to carry the coverage so you don't come back after an injury and claim you're their employee rather than their contractor. Though