Does a Social Security number show your age?

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A Social Security Number can be broken down into three parts.
Area Number, Group Number and Serial Number.
The first three numbers represent the state in which the person was issued the Social Security Number (NOT neccessarily the state of birth, merely the location the card was issued.)
Group Numbers: A two didget number by which all SSNs are broken down into smaller blocks to make administration easier. The group designations do not run sequentially but rather in their own pattern.
Serial Numbers: Within a group designation serial numbers run consecutively from 0001 through 9999 THEREFORE, the SSN does not neccessarily designate your age. It cannot be used to show your exact age but it could be used comparitively. For example... If given two individuals with Social Security Numbers from the same Area and Designation but one had the last four 3004 and the second 4599 you could "guess" that the first individual received their Social Security Number first and therefore "may" be slightly older.
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