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Does a giraffe or human have more neck bones?

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Both humans and giraffes have the same numbers of neck bones. Both animals have seven neck bones.
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Which has more bones - a human or a snake?

A snake has more bones. The human skeleton has approximately 200 bones. A snake has at least 200 vertebrae and sometimes more than 400 depending on the species (ccompared with (MORE)

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How many bones do giraffes have in their necks?

Just like us, the giraffe has 7 neck vertebrae. There vertebrae is just longer making their neck longer and appear to have more bones.   Seven, the same number humans have (MORE)

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The human neck has the same number of bones that a giraffe's neck has?

Yes it has because when you look at your neck then look at a giraffes neck it doesn't look like it but if you get a x ray on your neck then a giraffe gets a x ray and count th (MORE)

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How is it possible that a human baby and a giraffe have the same number of bones in the neck?

Like almost all mammals, both a human baby and a girrafe have seven cervical vertebrae (bones in the neck).   You asked "how is it possible" and the answer would deal with (MORE)