Does a legal permanent resident automatically become a citizen upon marrying a US citizen?

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NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Citizenship cannot be granted via marriage.
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Does a legal resident become a citizen if married to a citizen?

Since you don't say which country you're specifically interested in, it is impossible to get an accurate answer.\n. \nIn some countries, if you marry you will become a citize

Can a permanent resident become a citizen if they marry a us citizen?

No, it doesn't make them a citizen if they marry one. I am a German citizen with a permanent resident green card and married a solider. It didn't make me a US citizen like mos

Does an illegal alien from Nigeria become a legal resident or citizen by marrying a US citizen?

No, not at all. If an illegal alien marries a U.S. citizen, the U.S. citizen is allowed in the U.S., there partner is not unless they do it the correct way and get a visa. If
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If a permanent resident alien marries an American citizen does that resident become a citizen?

my friend...i answered this question goes.....are you trying to say that the resident alien becomes a u.s. citizen? if your answer to the question is yes then al