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Does a low level of salt in the water change optimal water conditions for the competitors?

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How do you change a salt water pool to a fresh water pool?

  A "salt water" pool simply means that the salt added to the water passes through a salt cell which serves as a chlorine generator. The salt is changed on an as needed ba

Is adding salt to water a chemical change?

Answer   No, it is not. No bonds break and no bonds are created. It's only a mixing process, and that's a physical process.

How often should the water be changed in a salt water pool?

  Pool water rarely gets changed as there are few problems that require draining and refilling. Whether the pool contains salt or not is irrelevant. You certainly don't wa

Is dissolve salt in water a chemical change?

No, this is a physical change. The way to determine this is by seeing if you can get the original substance back after completing the change. For example, combustion, or the

How do bath salts change hard water to soft water?

Well i don't really know how but follow these procedure..: )   What to do:   Mix together the Epsom salt and sea salt in the mixing bowl.Add glycerin to the salt mixtu

How do you change salt water to drinking water?

You can use a purification system. you can put the saltwater in  a 2 literbottle and put a tube on top where the cap goes and you  attach another literbottle but on a higher