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Does a low level of salt in the water change optimal water conditions for the competitors?

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If you add salt to water does the weight of the water change?

  Yes and no   The salt-water mixture will have the same weight as the sum of the weights of the water and the salt. The water, itself, doesn't gain weight in a stric

Do salt water pools need conditioning?

Yes, if your talking about an outside pool with a chlorine generator. You balance the pool like any other pool. This includes cyanaric acid to "stabilize" or "condition" the c

Why does adding salt to water make the water level rise?

Adding any substance to any other substance will increase the volume of said substances. If you put marbles in a cup of water, clearly, the water level would rise. Similarly,

My pool water level always low?

You may have a leak. If you add water so that it's up to the middle of your skimmers, and within 12 hours the water level has gone down more than 1/4 inch or so - you probably

What is the pH level of salt water?

It depends on the chemical composition of the salt. If it is acidic or basic it will change the pH. The common salt (NaCl) is neutral in nature so it doesn't change the pH.

How do you change salt water to drinking water?

You can use a purification system. you can put the saltwater in  a 2 literbottle and put a tube on top where the cap goes and you  attach another literbottle but on a higher