Does a mother dog sometimes eat her new pups?

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No, only in extremely rare cases or behavioral disorders, wild animals might do it in extreme circumstances or when in captivity
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Why would a mother dog eat her puppies?

Answer In some cases the mother dog will eat her pups if they are either sick or if her maternal instinct tells her they won't do well. This helps insure the "survival of the fittest."

Why would a mother dog not feed some of her pups or even all of her pups?

Answer . Sometimes the mother dog may not have enough teets to feed her large brood of pups, or, if she refuses to feed the pups she may not be well and a vet should have a look at her. She may have an infection or another problem.. There are some female dogs who do not make good mothers and sim (MORE)

Would the mother of the newborn pups eat them if we touch them?

No but, . No she would not but it is better off to let the mother deal with the pups till the pups eyes open. If you have to touch them take a towel and rub the mother down them pick the pup up with the towel. Be sure not to leave your scent on the pup or the mother will not take care of the pup (MORE)

Why do dogs eat their pups?

They don't. not usually. However, if the pups are really sickand/or the mother is really starving, this could happen.

Why does a mother cat sometimes eat her kittens?

The cat people contribute their ideas: . Mother cats sometimes eat their kittens if they are unhealthy or have died. This is nature and I would assume the nutrients are needed to feed the other kittens. But sometimes a mother cat will just ignore the ailing or dead kitten. . The mother cat (MORE)

Do mother dogs eat there puppies feces?

Yes, they do! This is normal and natural for them -- and it is also necessary for the pups to survive at the beginning. When pups are first born their muscles are not fully developed and they cannot urinate or defecate on their own. Their mother must lick each puppy's genitals after each meal, in or (MORE)

How do you handle existing adult dog when new pup comes home?

I've had this problem before. The best solution I was able to come up with that worked was make sure the existing dog has enough attention. You cant just pay attention to the puppies because their new and cute. You have to pay attention to the one you had first also because their so use to being the (MORE)

Do mother dogs eat their puppies?

It does happen sometimes although I am not sure exactly why. We had a litter that the mother killed. The bitch was 8 years old and had never been bred before so that may have had something to do with it. I have heard that a bitch will kill her puppies if she feels she can not care for them or if the (MORE)

Will your male dog eat your female dogs pups?

Not if it is the father. yes they will I had it happened once if he the father. And so will mom just so she can mate again, you need to keep them apart until the puppies are weaned (6 weeks).

Dog eating pups why?

It is common for a dog to eat the placenta of the puppies after shegives birth. On rare occasions, a dog will eat her puppies whenthey die or right before death because she instinctively knows thatthere is something wrong.

Why do mother dogs eat baby dogs?

There could be many reasons why a mother dog might eat her babies. The two that I know are: 1) the mother dog is overly stressed or has been abused (this would cause her to not wanna care for her babies) 2) the pup may be in some kind of condition or physical problem (the mother assumes her baby wil (MORE)

How does the DDT get from the mother to the pup after the pup is born?

DDT gets into animal tissue and remains there, building up overtime. It typically gets into the animal from the things that theanimal eats. With very young animals, the DDT get from the motherto the pup after the pup is born by passing through the mother'smilk and into the pup.

How soon will mother dog eat after birth?

im sure that after giving birth mother will be hungry and should eat straight away but if she oesnt dont worry she will soon she just needs some time.. always offer her food. i hope i helped

Will a mother dog eat her puppies if she has rabies?

Yes, A mother Dog cannot be trusted around anyone or anything when she has contracted Rabies, Just like any other animal, once they have the disease anything that comes into their path is a free attack as far as they're concerned.

How many weeks after give birth can you deworm a mother dog with pups?

You should consult your veterinarian. Breeding females can pass parasites to their pups both in the womb and through milk, so deworming the female is extremely important. Most of the commonly used dewormers on the market in the US for dogs can be used in pregnant and nursing animals, but the specifi (MORE)

Who looks after the new born wild dogs pups?

The mother. The mother dog doesn't let anything in or out of her den until the pups are old enough to surface. Once out, the younger dogs help to raise them while the mother hunts/does other things.

Why is Mother dog is aggressive with newborn pups?

She is just protecting her babies. Shes probably afraid that you will hurt them or take them away from her. Its just some of her natural wolflike instincts shining through. Dont worry. Its perfectly normal.

How are wolf pups and dog pups alike?

The dog is a member of the wolf family. Actually, wolves are their ancentors. Wolves attack and hunt and defend, also looking like dogs. The only difference, is that dogs are tame. Some people call dogs 'Tame Wolves'.

What would cause a mother dog to kill all her pups?

Almost nothing. Mother dogs are very good to their pups, and are protective of them until they are old enough to be self-sufficient (6 months?). Did this happen to you? I have to disagree with this answer...I have seen many mother dogs kill and eat their pups. They will do this because of instinct. (MORE)

Why does the mother dog sit on her pups?

Its a way where she can keep her puppies warm when they are cold. Its the only way a mother dog can keep her puppies warm really. Don`t worry she won`t kill her puppies. The mother well actual hold her body up but at the same time keep them warm. Especially if theirs only one puppies but if she as 2 (MORE)

Why your 7 month old pup is eating your other dogs poop?

Might be because you arent feeding him enough. Try increasing the amount of food you give him and most importantly take him to a Vet and get him checked. He might have got infections or worms because of this habit of his... Sometimes, dogs do things just because they are fond of doing it. Give hi (MORE)

How do you get an new dog to eat dog food?

If it's a puppy I'm guessing you could add *small* amounts of cold cuts or treats in it, and give them less and less until there's just dog food. But, dog food isn't the healthiest option for your dog. So, I would recommend some cheese or yogurt(i dont recommend dairy products because even a small c (MORE)

Do elephant seals sometimes eat dogs?

Hugely unlikely, bordering on impossible. Elephant seals mostlyswallow their prey whole, and would struggle to dismember a doginto swallowable chunks. They don't have the teeth forbutchery. . And while agile for their size, most dogs wouldn't have anytrouble keeping away on land.

Can pups eat dog food at 7 months?

Of course they can eat dog food at 7 months. My dog ate dog food when she is only 4 months old. But please choose the food specially made for pups so they can get the suffiecient amount of nutrients.

Why would a dog eat its pups?

Dogs eat their puppies because they know there is something wrong with them. It's either the puppy was born dead or will die soon. The mother dog thinks she can get the nutrients she needs from the puppy.

What to do after your dog has pups?

leave your dog to look after the pups, if your dog leaves the pups and won't take any notice of them then you have to hand feed them with a syringe

Do the dogs have pups?

Questions like this are what makes me really not want to live in this world anymore...

Do dogs eat their newborn pups if they die?

Depending on the breed, it is possible but unlikely. I have never heard of a case however. I would assume that it has the same likelihood of a human mother eating her baby; possible, but highly improbable.

Why do dogs eat their own poop sometimes?

Dogs may sometimes eat their own poop as their poop will still contain nutrients that they need. To combat this, one can feed them a diet that contains the nutrients they need.

What if mother dogs doesn't want to sleep with her pups?

Either somehow FORCE the mom to sleep with her pups or you cuddlethem up keeping them warm and if the mom lets it put them down whenthey need to suckle. If she doesn't allow it feed them with abottle of warm but not too hot milk.

Why do dogs sometime eat grass?

Most will eat a little since they are not like cats that only likemeat. They are known to eat other things like cooked veggies andfruits and berries. If the eat large chucks, they may have an upsetstomach and will vomit.