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Neither. A ninja was trained in espionage and clandestine operations during feudal Japan. Also known as shinobi, ninjas assassinated enemy leaders and infiltrated enemy positions, forts, etc. Since kung fu is a Chinese martial art, a ninja wouldn't practice it. Ninjas were trained in ninjutsu, which included disciplines of stealthy movement, self-disguising, and combat techniques.

Chinese monks and war generals escaped by boat to the east when Beijing was Invaded and landed in Japan. History tells that a Chinese monk meets with a samurai, teaching the samurai the art of invisibility/stealth(Ninjutsu). Thats why Ninjutsu has Chinese philosophies and fighting tactics. For example Dim Mak (Preassure Points) originated from India was past to Tibet then to the chinese Shaolin monks then during the invasion the Chinese monk thought it to the samurai.

Later on when Ninjas were sent to assassination missions or had to defend there selves from samurais this gave the ninjas a bad reputation. Later on Bushidos banned Ninjutsu. But still was secretly passed down through generations and survived secretly.
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What is the difference between karate and Kung Fu?

Karate originated in Okinawa (now part of Japan) and Kung-Fu is Chinese. Both are forms of martial arts but each has its distinctive methods and style. The roots of karate are

Which one is faster karate or Kung Fu?

Speed is a function of the practitioner, not the art. It totally depends on who is doing the move as to which is faster.

Which is stronger Kung Fu or karate?

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Is kung-fu a type of karate?

No, kung fu or wushu is a martial art from China. Karate is a merging of Chinese Kung Fu and Okinawan Te to create a new art called Karate.

How are Kung Fu and karate different?

Kung fu is a martial art that originated in China. Legend says it was created by the Bodhidharma at the Shoalin monastery and contained elements he learned as a warrior in Ind

Did karate originate from Kung Fu?

Partially; Karate is a martial art native to Okinawa dating to the year (roughly) 300 A.D. according to oral tradition, its original name was Ti, the native Japanese translati

What does Kung Fu practice in particular that karate doesn't practice?

In general, all martial arts will be teaching and practicing very similar things. The human body only moves in certain ways, and that pretty much restricts variation. Both wil

Does karate come from Kung Fu?

Karate is a combination of Okinawan wrestling and White Crane Kung Fu.

Why do people practice Kung Fu?

Some like it for the exercise. Others want to be able to defendthemselves.
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What are the secrets of karate and Kung Fu?

There are no real secrets. The main requirement is to practice hard and often. Over time you will learn many things. The 'secret' is less about something being hidden then it
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Who is invented Kung Fu and karate?

Legend has it that kung fu was developed by the Bodhidharma in China. Karate developed on Okinawa, combining Chinese White Crane Kung Fu with the local wrestling techniques.
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Is karate the same a kung fu?

No, they are not the same martial art. However, karate has roots inkung fu and some of the moves are from White Crane style.