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the starfish does not have a brain it is made up of nerve cells that control it's functions A starfish doesn't have a brain in its head like we do. Instead their entire nervous system acts like a distributed brain. So, it has a brain, just not like ours.
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What is a starfish?

A starfish is a marine animal (echinoderm) that has five or more arms, so it is shaped like a star. Because it is not a fish, some now refer to it as a sea star. It has a hard

What do starfish do?

Pretty much all they do their whole lives is eat. They also move around and reproduce. They eat a super lot. That explains why they are fat. They can move, and they eat dead a

Do starfishes have a brain?

Starfish do not have true brains. They have a cluster of nerves called ganglia that form a ring in the centre of the starfish which is called the circumoral nerve ring. A radi

What do starfish eat and what eats a starfish?

They eat calms, oysters, mussels, small fish, sea snails , and barnacles. The predators that eat that are manta rays, some sharks and other bony fishes like to pick them off

Why starfish don't have brain?

Because Starfish are Inverterbrites, nature has made it so they dont require a brain to survive. In effect this means that all the processes that happen inside are starfish ar

What will starfish do?

they play cards with their starfish friends, and eat human brains, and sun tan on logs floating in the waterborne can have sever burn if in sun more than 22 seconds. if you de