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In a word, yes.
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How do you become a public adjuster?

Public adjusters are regulated by the state department of insurance. The best way to determine what you need to do to become licensed to handle claims in your state is to con

When do photos become public domain?

Any photograph taken before 1923 is public domain. Google search this question and you will obtain much more information on the subject.

Can a convicted felon become a notary public?

If the person who is convicted of a felony is currently incarcerated, on parole or probabtion, then the answer is no. However if they have completed their sentence then yes. T

What is required to become a notary public?

To be a notary public one has to be 18 years of age or older, be a legal California resident, complete a course of study, clear a background check, and complete a written exam

How do you become a notary public?

You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the state in which you want to be a notary. Get the application for a notary commission from your state or from the nonprof

When did the camera become available for public use?

  Answer   The first simple box cameras using roll film were made by Kodak from 1888 onwards. They were quite expensive at first but prices came down with the introd

When did the Internet become available to the public?

The Internet became public in the early 90's. Before then it was used for universities, scientist, and some parts of the government. But back then it was only text documents.

What is title of publication?

The name of the book, magazine, newspaper, etc.

When did ANZAC Day become a public holiday?

In New Zealand, ANZAC Day became a public holiday in 1921. In Australia, it wasn't until 1927.

What is publicity?

  It refers to the personal right (which may be inherited) of a person to have his or her name, likeness, or other identifiable characteristic (voice, gait, signoff, etc)

How do you become a Celebrity or public figure on FaceBook?

  Visit www.myspace.com/getnoticedfast. This company turns people into instant internet celebrities. They have worked into turning bands, models, artisits into well known