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Does alcohol turn into sugar once it is in the body?

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No. Alcohol can only be broken down to CO2 and water. Where alcohol enters the metabolic pathways it can not be synthesized back to carbohydrate or fat. Alcohol can affect blood sugar level in secondary ways.
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Does sugar turn into alcohol?

Not inside the body, except for an extremely rare condition that has only been reported a couple of times. Sugar and water will ferment into alcohol if yeast is present, if th

How does alcohol turn to sugar in your body?

If you read the article in related links, you'll discover that alcohol doesn't turn into sugar in your body. It turns into something else. Read the article and find out what.

What turns sugar into energy in the body?

sugar is brought through the blood to cells. the cells have organells called lysomes that use a process called chemosynthesis to convert the suger into energy.

Does salt turn into sugar in the body?

No, salt is sodium chloride while sugar is a complex organic molecule made of carbons, hydrogens and oxygens. It is chemically impossible for salt to turn into sugar.
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Does brown rice turn to sugar in your body?

Yes, Rice is made up of starch, a carbohydrate. The body breaks down carbohydrates into their base components SUGARS as part of the digestive process. The body then absorbs th