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Does an industrial piercing ever close up?

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Industrial Piercings Yes, for the most part. Most industrials are done at a 14 gauge, and because it is done in the cartilage where there is more blood circulation than, say, a lobe piercing, it has a much greater chance of completely closing back up. The hole might leave a small scar, and it also depends on how long you've had the industrial in. I've had an industrial for 3 years and the other week I took it out for a only a few days and it was almost impossible to get it back in. I thought I was going to have to repierce it. It also depends on your body, though, everyone is different.
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Can you close up a lip piercing?

Yes, and it is simple. Take out the jewelry, and then just keep caring for it as if it had jewelry in it. Keep cleaning it; it can still get infected even without jewelry. 

Can you close up lip piercings?

The last answer was okay but heres the real deal , i had my lip pierced incorrectly about 2 months ago , i decided i would let it close so my parents would find out ..BAD IDEA

How long does it take for an industrial to close up after a week of being pierced?

  It can take up to 12 weeks for an Industrial piercing to close up. Possibly even longer, as long as you clean the area with salen solution it will heal up just fine, DO

Can you close up a Frenum piercing?

Generally if done correctly the frenum should not be an issue with the jewellery removed because it shouldn't enter into the ureathra duct. If the jewellery is left out long e

Do lip piercings ever close back up?

Yes They Do, That Is Why You Should Never Leave Our Your Lip Ring/Stud Out For Too Long. You'll Have To Wait At Least A Year Or Two Before You Can Leave It Out For More Than A

Will your genital piercings close up?

Well it depends on a few things the type of piercing and more overly how long you have had the piercings. The older the piercings are the less likely the piercings will close

Does a pierced nipple hole ever close up?

It depends on how long you have had the piercing and at what gauge, it may close over weeks or months then it may never close. It's nothing to worry about.

Does navel piercings close up?

Definitely, in fact I'm not sure they ever heal. My friend's closed up overnight when her belly button ring fell out while she was sleeping. You're supposed to be able to take
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Do piercings ever fully close?

Depends on how long you have them, and what kind they are. Piercings in the cartilage, lip and ear lobe rarely close completely, they scar while new skin might grow over the