Does android support jar applications?

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You can't install jar files on Andriod devices but you can include jar as library in your application.
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Do you have to pay for Android applications?

Some apps are paid but most are free 57% of apps are free If you find a app that you like there might be a lite version Well I did try the paid app and it's cool, I was able to avail the free trial thing! It's Copy10 an android spy app which comes with numerous features which is best in t (MORE)

How do you create database table in android application?

I used a database object to connect to the database and then execute the query using the same. I ll provide a snippet for your reference private SQLiteDatabase db; public DataHelper(Context context) { this.context = context; OpenHelper openHelper = new OpenHelper(this.context); this.db (MORE)

Do all android phones support mp4?

Yes all android phones support mp4 but u have to take care when u convert video file it has to be mobile mp4 not computer mp4 because it takes lot of space and it has bigger video frame that won't fit on mobiles

How do you design android application?

To develop an app on android you will need to learn Java Programming Language You can learn Java from thenewboston on YouTube. Then you can go to and learn how to develop an application

Does Android support Microsoft Office?

Yes, Android supports Microsoft office. Version 3.0 supports "documents to go" which allows you to both create, edit and view doc. xls. ppt. pdf and other files. Check out the related link for further information.

Does Android phones supports Facebook Games?

Yes and no, if you run facebook on an android tablet with minimum 256 MB ram than you can actually play the games if you run facebook in the browser as desktop. If you don't´t have enough ram or you proccesor is to slow (minimum 0.6 ghz) than you can download some of the games in the android mark (MORE)

How do you install application in Android OS?

Just simply go to the Google Play Store (which is an app that waspre-installed on your phone), and find apps that way. Some Androiddevices that have manufacturer overlays (also called "skins" or"custom UI") may have their own application store, but searchingand installing an application should be th (MORE)

Are there any emergency mobile applications for android?

yes there is...e.g before you lost your android must sign up (findmyAndroid) in the market once you get your android phone.When you have lost it, you can track in your phone by switching on the app and login in your acc using another android phone and you can track every sec where it go (MORE)

How do you get free android application?

Most people download their applications on the Google play Store. However, it is possible to find your applications on 4shared or other shared servers. Note that it is illegal to download applications if you have not buy it before.

How many different android applications?

According to app brain statistics there are more 1,378,032 application available over the PlayStore and increasing. So here I would say their numbers are increasing daily.

Why doesn't Android Market support PayPal?

I'm not absolutely certain that this is the reason, but here's my guess: Google owns Android. They also have a checkout software that they use called Google Checkout. Because they obviously make money through Google Checkout, they don't want to let people who are using Android Market bypass Googl (MORE)

Of any android spy applications?

Yes, lots of spy application for an android mobile is present on the internet. You just need to search. I used phonesheriff application for controlling my kid's mobile phone. You can buy it online and just installed in your mobile.

Does android support aac?

Considering that you are talking about media player format i.e. .aac I would what supports such file format are media player. So, media player over Android supports .aac format.

Does android supports PHP?

It supports websites made on php but not coding in php. There areworkarounds for coding in PHP using Android.

What is activity creator in Android application development?

Activity creator is regarded as the initial stage involved in thecreation of an android project. Shell scripts forms a part ofactivity creator, which is used for the creation of new file systemstructure that helps in writing codes in Android IDE.

What is the process of building built-in messaging within your android application?

Activation of built-in messaging service can be initiated with thehelp of intent object. You have to pass MIME type"", in setType method of Intent as shown inthe following given below code. Intent intent = new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_VIEW); intent.putExtra("addr (MORE)

What is the orientation in Android application development?

Android runs on phones and tablets. Users can twist these round asthey hold them and there are sensors which say which way up theyare being held. The app needs to read these sensors to ensure thatthe screen image presented to the user is always the correct way up- in the correct "orientation".

How do you find a right android application developer for custom app?

Apart from experience in the business domain, androidapplication developer should be well experienced in latesttechnologies, which includes Android SDK and Framework APIs. On theplatform of JAVA language, he have expertise in delivering androidapps by interfacing with the phone through the SDK which (MORE)

Which are the key components of android application development lifecycle?

In general, there are four different android applicationcomponents. Each type serves a distinct purpose and has a distinctlifecycle that defines how the component is created and destroyed.The components are: Activities - an activity represents a single screen with a userinterface Services - a servic (MORE)

What are the main components of enterprise android application development?

In terms of app development lifecycle, there are four differentandroid app components. Each type serves a distinct purpose and hasa distinct life cycle that defines how the component is created anddestroyed. The components are: Activities - an activity representsa single screen with a user interface (MORE)

Which are the key metrics for consumer android application development in US?

Common metrics that forms a part of the process of Androidapplication development for consumers are number of downloads;time spent using the app and the amount of money that is spent onthe app. In United States, big data companies are working on topapps to understand the user pattern to define succe (MORE)

What are the important files and folders while developing Android application?

The new files and folders that form a part of the new Androidapplications are: SRC- This includes the Java source file for your project, which youutilize for writing the code. You will find this file under thepackage name of your project. Gen- This folder includes the R.jave file, which is compile (MORE)

How do you run an Excel dashboard file which contains Visual Basic for Application and macro on Android mobile Because I found that Android doesn't support macro?

Sorry, you can't do that. Visual Basic is only supported in genuine Microsoft Excel, thirdparty spreadsheet applications are not licensed to support VisualBasic. Microsoft also implements other "incompatibility" featuresin all of their expensive Office applications to try to forcepeople to buy their (MORE)