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Does any 'standard SUV' in rental company have a hitch to tow trailer?

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Most rental car companies do not carry vehicles with tow hitches for liability reasons.
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What type trailer hitch can use to tow a u-haul trailer 6x12 for a Chevy El Camino 4x4?

  Answer     Measure across the rear frame rails and with that measurement go to a home/auto center and look at the receiver hitches. A receiver hitch mounts to t

Do you save gas with the tow trailer hitch removed from a 2010 dodge ram?

By doing that the truck gets a little lighter, and lighter vehicles do tend to use less gas. However, compared to the overall vehicle weight removing the hitch won't make enou

Do any 'standard SUV' in rental company have a third row?

At my rental branch (Enterprise), it depends more on the individual car than the size class. But any vehicle that has a third row will probably be considered a "large SUV" or

What is a tow hitch?

It is something you can install on to your vehicle to connect a  trailer and tow large items such as boats, campers, and even other  vehicles (if your vehicle is strong enou

How do you wiring the towing trailer hitch?

  Check with your local auto parts store. They have trailer wire harnesses for many vehicles that plug into existing wiring in your vehicle. No cutting and splicing invol