Does anyone have any cool hobbies?

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i collect old and foreign coins
oooh, that's cool. Does anyone else have any ideas?
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Do you have any hobbies?

yh i do but thts 4 me 2 no nd u 2 find out u little nosy Parker and everyone should have a hobby even you i always say no hobby no life

Ac-cooling fan not running anyone have any ideas?

Answer . You don't specify what type of car, but typically there are only a few possiblities.. With the AC on (as long as the AC system is properly charged and working), look to see if the AC compressor is engaging. If so, the fan should also have power going to it. Check the wires attached at (MORE)

Did Pythagoras have any weird hobbies?

Some think that Pythagoras actually stole his famous formula from the Babylonians (who had stolen it from the Indians). 2.He discovered square roots by comparing square piles of rocks and figured out the proportional interval of numbers between musical notes by listening to blacksmiths pounding on (MORE)

Did James Buchanan have any hobbies?

James Buchanan was known to enjoy walking around Washington, DC topass the time. He was not known, however, to have any specifichobbies. He was the only president that was never married.

Did Henry Clay have any hobbies?

Try this site for your answer: . Web Log: July 2005 Archives Henry Clay led a battle against Jackson in support of central banking. ..... When one reporter asked if he had any hobbies, he replied: "Absolutely not. ... . (MORE)

Did Adolf Hitler have any hobbies?

SOCCER RUGBY,VOLLEYBALL. Three excerpts and the site: . His favorite game to play outside was cowboys and Indians. Tales of the American West were very popular among boys in Austria and Germany. There were frequent arguments at home between young Hitler and his father over his career choice. To (MORE)

Does the queen have any hobbies now?

I assume you mean hobbies. It was a popular Idea that ( some biographers and writers play up this human angle) that Her Majesty was an ardent devotee of Times ( London) crossword puzzles, that could qualify as a hobby or pastime.

Does Isaac Newton have any hobbies?

you have used the wrong grammar it is DID isaac newton have any hobbies because he is dead. So the answer to your question no he doesn't have any hobbies at the moment but he di when he was alive. he liked art and inventing.

Does anyone have any cool memories from VMK?

Hi there, Yes i have some very good memories of vmk. I loved seeing the hosts in rooms and rides and also just walking around the park! One time i will always remember is when i made a SAVE VMK room and i had a queue of 356 people to come in my room and all my best friends were there and including o (MORE)

Does Robert Pattinson have any hobbies?

Yes.. He has said in a recent interview with Arena magazine that he loves white water rafting and rock climbing and is upset that with his new found celeb status he and his friends never have time to do it as much as they used to..... He also said he loves Horse grooming...

Does anyone have any cool quotes?

Heres just a few.... 1. I need a catch phrase! 2. Ditto 3. That's why dodgeball has 8 pigs and 2 trucks. Live free, Die hard, and that's all you need to know

I am 17 and want a new hobby Does anyone know of any clubs or anything I can join bear in mind I am not that great at sport?

I can strongly recommend finding a musical instrument you enjoy, one thing you can find is that if you have a lot of free time, spending time self teaching yourself guitar or something like this. I self taught myself guitar and enjoyed it,but then i found out that i was able to get a instrument I've (MORE)

Did Caesar Augustus have any hobbies?

Augustus was an avid dice player. He would even give his guests money to play and allow them to keep the winnings. He also tried his hand at writing a play (with no success, he wiped out his work).

Does Pele have any hobbies?

Pele was a soccer player and since he did not have much he played with a hackysack and became a world famous soccer player. That was i think a hobby.

Does anyone know any cool cheats for Club Penguin?

If your looking for cheats, try a program called Penguin Storm. It's got a few cool ones like making your penguin gigantic. It also has a money generator that actually works. If your not carefull however this porgram can get you banned. Fun fact, Club penguin had loads of cheats and glitches until (MORE)

Does Scott Westerfeld have any hobbies?

He loves watching/playing tennis, basketball and cricket. He obviously writes books and does appearances. Before writing he worked as a composer in New York,factory worker, substitute teacher, ghost writer, software designer, and textbook editer. He's a vegetarian, never wears jeans, just bought a t (MORE)

Did Philo Farnsworth have any hobbies?

His hobbies were : Rose gardening, wood working, fly fishing, his white shirt with French cuffs and a tie with gray or black pants...hardly ever wore any thing else

Did James Bowie have any hobbies?

Yes, but if he wanted you to know what they were, he would have let you in on the big secret, too. But here's ONE clue: If you mean the frontier hero Jim Bowie that made the "Bowie knife" SO popular that the movie character 'Rambo' adopted it 130 years later, and was involved in that little fracas (MORE)

Does Adam young have any hobbies?

If, by Adam Young, you mean the Antichrist in the novel Good Omensby Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, then yes. In fact everythingAdam young is noted to do - fighting, philosophising, base-buildingto name but a few - could be considered a hobby. He has noactivities in his recorded life that could no (MORE)

Does Prince Charles have any hobbies?

he would sometimes stay up all night playing cello and he also learned different languages, he spoke fluent englihs, french, Italian and latin :) i hope that helped:) xx

Does Suzanne Collins have any Hobbies?

She loves to write, obviously, and has two children and a husband. Her favorite activities include reading, writing, running, hiking, and gymnastics. Suzanne Collins' favorite color is red.

What is a cool hobby to start up?

Scrapbooking is always fun! Painting is also an option. And pressing flowers is cool if you like potpurri. Try sewing! I sew stuff all the time for carnivals and markets, and it puts some money in your pocket as well! ;)

Did William Penn have any hobbies?

He was a hard-working Quaker, so proabably on Sundays when there was no work after church, otherwise it was work work work with worship for Jesus in there as well.

Is the any handicap hobbies for profit?

well yes there are liads of them really but what ou can tell me is if you look on the bottom of this product does it say made in china if not then you have you answer but if so talk t me agni sorry about that this is me now just to porve it ask me any question tyoulike beset ios there any one (MORE)

Did Saint Anne have any hobbies?

It is highly unlikely. In the times when St. Anne lived, people were occupied all day working to sustain themselves and their families. Once darkness came most went to bed as there was no indoor lighting except for small oil lamps. People did not really have much in the way of discretionary time.

Does Jacqueline have any hobbies?

Of course! everyone has hobbies. Here's hers: ~Jogging ~Singing ~Stabbing ~Shooting ~Killing ~Hitting ~Stalking ~Raping And of course anything else illegal, she also enjoys time traveling on her weekends :)

What is your hobby and you have any technical knowledge about your hobbies?

My hobby is photography. I have been doing photography for the last 10 years. I started of with a film camera and then moved to digital. I try to get all the technical information about the various cameras and lenses I use but it takes time to get info since there are a lots of models and updates (MORE)