Does anyone have any cool hobbies?

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i collect old and foreign coins
oooh, that's cool. Does anyone else have any ideas?
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Do you have any hobbies?

yh i do but thts 4 me 2 no nd u 2 find out u little nosy Parker and everyone should have a hobby even you i always say no hobby no life

Ac-cooling fan not running anyone have any ideas?

Answer . You don't specify what type of car, but typically there are only a few possiblities.. With the AC on (as long as the AC system is properly charged and working),

Does anyone have any cool memories from VMK?

Hi there, Yes i have some very good memories of vmk. I loved seeing the hosts in rooms and rides and also just walking around the park! One time i will always remember is when

Does anyone have any cool quotes?

Heres just a few.... 1. I need a catch phrase! 2. Ditto 3. That's why dodgeball has 8 pigs and 2 trucks. Live free, Die hard, and that's all you need to know

Does Michelle Obama have any hobbies?

yes she is active like running because she is getting always the kids to do it i think she has hobbies because everyone has hobbies at least one

I am 17 and want a new hobby Does anyone know of any clubs or anything I can join bear in mind I am not that great at sport?

I can strongly recommend finding a musical instrument you enjoy, one thing you can find is that if you have a lot of free time, spending time self teaching yourself guitar or

Does anyone know any cool cheats for Club Penguin?

If your looking for cheats, try a program called Penguin Storm. It's got a few cool ones like making your penguin gigantic. It also has a money generator that actually works

What is a cool hobby to start up?

Scrapbooking is always fun! Painting is also an option. And pressing flowers is cool if you like potpurri. Try sewing! I sew stuff all the time for carnivals and markets, and