Does asimo have a mind of its own?

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Is it abusive not to mind your own business?

Answer . \nIt depends how a person is sticking their nose into another person's business. If a person is depressed, an alcoholic, on drugs, or hanging around with a bad cr

What is ASIMO?

Answer . ASIMO is an advanced humanoid robot created by Honda Motor Company.

What can Asimo do?

Apparently the guy who put the answer down before me had no idea what he was talking about, he just said eat food, so I'm going to put down a better answer. Asimo can run at 3

If The mind can create its own reality?

Yes, I think the mind can definitely create its own reality. Of course this mostly has to do with dreaming. I can recall several times that I have been eager to go to bed so I

Do robots have a mind of their own?

No. Well, at least no more so than your computer. A robot's "thoughts" are simply the programming given to them. Even "artificial intelligence" is the programming of responses

Does a voodoo doll have a mind of its own?

Voodoo dolls only have the intent given to them by the one placing the conjure.

What does a legend in her own mind mean?

If you are a "legend in your own mind", you strongly believe that you are great or awesome at somthing or everything, when in reality you are the only one who has that same op

How can you control your own mind?

its easy once you know how. when you start to think of something you dont want to try to think of something or sing a song so loud that you forget about the first thing.