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Does caffeine free coke have caffeine?

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Do coke slurpees have caffeine?

Yes, they do. There is 56 mg of Caffeine per 12oz serving.

What has more caffeine Coke or coffee?

ANSWER:   Coffee has different levels of caffeine depending on the coffee (except decaf), but ounce for ounce it has between 3 to 5 times the caffeine that Coke has. Inte

How much caffeine does Coke contain?

34mg per can   Approximately from 34mg per 12 oz.   For comparison, green tea has about 25 mg per 12 oz, black about 50, and coffee can have upwards of 200 mg.

Is there caffeine in Coke Zero?

  Hi, check out   www.energyfiend.com   It states that coke zero has the same amount of caffeine as ordinary coke. You can get 'coke caffeine free' or sprite and 7 u

Which has more caffeine coke or tea?

coke obviously because it is a pass time beverage as tea is a healthy kinda drink that provides you with minerals and vitamins... I would recommend you tea.
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Does Coke Zero have caffeine?

Yes. It has caffeine. But if you are looking for coke without caffeine, try Coke caffeine free. Located at most local stores (Wal-mart,etc. maybe drug- stores)
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Is Caffeine Free Diet Coke really caffeine free?

Caffeine Free Diet Coke does not have caffeine in it, and if it does its a negligible amount that is not detected, and falls way below the recommended safe amount of 200 to 30