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Here's what I've heard:
Checking your score, by law, cannot affect your credit score.
However, if several companies check your score in a short time (say you applied for several cards at once), then this will temporarily hurt your score.  
This depends on how and where you check.
There are three major credit repositories: Equifax Experian TransUnion
If a consumer goes to each bureau and requests their raw data, there is no impact their credit score.
If, however, a consumer goes to a third party vendor, even through the bureau's own website, that WOULD generate an inquiry which MAY lower your credit score.  
Inquiries have very little impact on your credit score. Credit scores have been redesigned in recent years to account for the fact that many people shop for credit. The main factors in lowering a credit score are 1)making late payments or outright default and 2)level of credit balances.
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