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Does chlorine have a double bond?

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No. There is a single covalent bond between the two atoms of a chlorine molecule.
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What is a double bond?

A double bond has two pairs of shared electrons. In compounds such  as alkenes (such as ethane, C2H4) there is  "sigma bond" where the electron density lies between the atom

What does chlorine bond with?

Chlorine is a very reactive element which bonds with many other  elements, including carbon, hydrogen, calcium, magnesium, and many  others.

How does chlorine bond?

Chlorine can bond with non-metals like its self and regular metals. When it bonds with anouther non-metal it will form an covalent bond and when bonding with a metal it forms

What is the Covalent Bond for Chlorine and Chlorine?

a covalent bond means sharing of electrons the outer most electrons on chlorine shell is 7since chlorine is a diatomic molecule (cl2) it comprises of 2 chlorine atoms having

Why BCl3 does not form a double bond with one chlorine atom and single bond with other two chlorine atoms?

BCl3 has three single bonds because with 3 single bonds the formal charges of all the atoms are zero. With one double bond and two single bonds the formal charges are incorrec

What if one bond is a double bond?

then it is formed by sharing two pairs of electrons.

What if one of the bonds is a double bond?

"What if" is a sign of a poorly thought out question. It's possible to ask a question that starts with "what if" that can actually be answered, but it's a lot less likely tha

What is a double bond-?

A double bond in typically involves 2 shared pairs of electrons  bonding for example 2 carbon atoms in alkenes , carbon and oxygen  atoms in ketones, aldehydes and carboxyli

In a double bond?

A double bond in chemistry is a chemical bond between two chemicalelements involving four bonding electrons instead of the usual two.Many types of double bonds exist between t