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Does depreciation apply to a claim if you have Replacement Cost Coverage?

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yes - you are given the depreciated amount up front - you need to make replacement and spend above the depreciated amount to make a supplementary claim for the actual replacement cost amount. this protects the insurer from overpaying the claim
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How does depreciation affect the cost of capital?

Depreciation's Affect On Cost of Capital . Please refer to the following Web site for a complete explanation on how depreciation affects the cost of capital:\n. \nhttp://e

Why do you apply depreciation to assets in a business?

    When we use asset in business due to general usage it bears some wear and tear. Eventually it will be completely destroyed or it will complete its useful life (e.g

Is depreciation a fixed cost?

Yes it is a fixed cost. Reason being that a fixed cost remains unchanged in total as the level of activity increases or decreases. Example of fixed costs include depreciation

Is compensation for structural damage determined by replacement cost plus depreciation?

  Most (not all) dwelling coverages have an inflation protection on them now, which would rebuild the structure in a total loss, this depends on the form etc. If you polic

How do you get total replacement cost on home insurance claim?

It depends on the policy you have with the insurance company. Replacement cost phrasing should include 20% or so over the value of the home. Closely question the agent about t

How do I Collect the depreciation from Homeowners insurance claim?

If you want to collect the depreciation your insurance company withheld from your claim payment you must make the repairs to your home. After you make the repairs contact your

What is depreciation cost?

Depreciation is that amount orpart of full cost of fixed asset which is allocated to specific fiscal yearduring which any asset is used to generate revenue.

Does a deductible apply to replacement cost insurance?

Yes. Under some circumstances the insurance company would "absorb" the deductible if the claim for that particular line of coverage exceeded that policy limit. Also, there are

Depreciation a product cost?

In the US, the answer depends on what depreciable assets you are talking about. Depreciation on any depreciable asset that is directly used in the production of goods is part

What is depreciated value in an insurance claim?

Depreciated value is usually called actual cash value on an insurance policy. This takes a formula based on the type of item that you are claiming and devalues it by a certain

Is depreciation cost relevant in Outsourcing?

Only the total amount of a new machine is a relevant cost because  this incurs in the future and incurs when a certain decision is  made. The depreciation of old machines is