Does every country celebrate Christmas?

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No, not every country celebrates Christmas. Countries like Israel do not. It depends on the culture of the country. Some countries like Germany, USA, Canada almost everyone celebrates it.
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How do different countries celebrate Christmas?

Cultural Celebrations Even in America, different regions have different traditions. However, a few examples of Christmas around the world might include ... Christmas in Germany In Germany, as in many European countries, the Christmas season picks up with December 6th, St. Nicholas's Day. On December 5th, children place boots or shoes (like American stockings) by doors or fireplaces, so that St. Nicholas can come and fill them with treats during the night; bad children often get rocks or twigs. The Christmas season is often one of festive decorations and music, just as it in in other western cultures. On Christmas Eve, families often hold large, festive dinners, and the Weinachtsmann (Santa Claus, lit. "The Christmas Man") comes--the moment where the family exchanges gifts. December 25th is often spent in church, or visiting family and friends. Christmas in Japan The Japanese have only recently discovered Christmas, and as a culture have little understanding of its historic roots. Their celebrations are a conflation of Western (mainly American) Christmas and their own New Year traditions. Amongst traditions common to the Japanese are Christmas cakes, store-bought cakes that are consumed on Christmas Eve. In addition, Christmas (and especially Christmas Eve) has become associated with romance, so that it is believed that romantic miracles often happen on Christmas Eve. Christmas in the US For the month between Thanksiving and Christmas, the entire country seems infused with the holiday, most often coupled with strong sales promotions, advertising campaigns, and other economic interests. Popular culture also becomes infused with Christmas: magazines and newspapers run Christmas-related articles; television shows often have Christmas-themed episodes; popular television specials are re-run each year; Christmas-themed movies often fill the cinemas; radio stations introduce Christmas music into the mix (and some across the country play Christmas music 24/7!). Most families have a Christmas Tree in their homes, and often decorate the house to match (strings of lights, inflatable/lighted lawn decorations, wreaths on the door, etc.). Christian celebrants usually attend a Christmas Eve service, often a "candlelight service," and/or a Christmas Morning service. Families usually open presents on Christmas morning (less often, on Christmas Eve). Cristmas in Australia In Australia we like to set up our Christmas tree and put out our stocking. In Australia they also like to go to church on Christmas. Christmas in the United Kingdom Lots of people decorate their houses with lights, trees and fake snow. On Christmas eve people regulary attend a carol service in which many festive songs are sung. On 24th of December children leave their stockings by their bedside and go to sleep. When they wake in the morning (December 25th) they realise that father Christmas has come and filled their stockings with presents. For dinner, there is a turkey and assorted vegetables as well as champagne and wine and Christmas crackers. Houses inside have trees, decorated with balls and lights and sweets. Often with dinner party hats are worn.

What countries celebrate Christmas?

Countries that have a Christian population have Christmas celebrations. Even countries that do not have a large Christian presence are falling into line with the marketing aspects of the the Christmas season.

What countries do not celebrate Christmas?

Answer . Since Christmas is traditionally considered a Christian holiday, there might not be as much celebration of it in Asian and Muslim countries, but this is changing in some places, and the holiday is being celebrated by some non-Christians in these countries just for the fun of it.. I won't celebrate too!

How many countries celebrate Christmas?

More than 160 countries celebrate Christmas. A few countries refer to the holiday as Family Day, including Angola and Uruguay. Some countries--like Jordan and Pakistan--designate December 25th as an official holiday only for Christians.

In what country and when was Christmas first celebrated as a holiday?

It took place in Bethlehem. more than 5 million years ago at the birth of christ! The birth of Christ took place 2,011 years ago if our calendar is accurate. "BC" means "Before Christ." "AD" is Latin and stands for "Ano Domni" or translated, "The Year of Our Lord." I'll give you Bethlehem but I'm thinking no one called that night Christmas that particular year.

How is Christmas celebrated differently in different countries?

Many people celebrate Christmas in different ways. Some people dont even celebrate Christmas. Many countries have different ways to say Merry Christmas. All countries have a different way to celebrate their Christmas. Many people celebrate Christmas in different ways. Some people dont even celebrate Christmas. Many countries have different ways to say Merry Christmas. All countries have a different way to celebrate their Christmas.

Which countries celebrate Christmas?

Most countries that have a large Christian population celebrate Christmas. ( Even including Israel which is predominantly Jewish.)

What was the first country to celebrate Christmas?

Italy was the first country to celebrate Christmas. In an old listof Roman bishops, compiled in A.D. 354, was discovered the firstrecorded celebration of Christmas on December 25, A.D. 336.

What is the only country where they don't celebrate Christmas?

Many countries do not celebrate Christmas. Across the middle east there are many Islamic countried that do not. Moving to the east, many countries in Asia do not as well Many African countries do not either. There may be pockets of Christianity in any country but that is far different than saying the country itself recognizes Christmas as a holiday. There are just too many to list.

In what country is Boxing day celebrated after Christmas?

Boxing day is celebrated in Canada the day after Christmas. This isalso a huge shopping day in the United States.

Do all the countries celebrate Christmas with Christmas tree?

Not all countries do. Many simply make shrines of Jesus and make fun of other counties that decorate a tree instead of making a shrine.

Which country first started to celebrate Christmas?

Christmas was celebrated informally and on various days of the year in many different parts of the world before it was instituted as an actual holiday. The first country to celebrate Christmas as a holiday on December 25th is thought to have been Victorian Britain during the 15th century A.D. [Additional Information] Christmas as a holiday is specifically associated with the date December 25th. The earliest known reference to the date of the nativity as December 25 is found in the Chronography of 354, a manuscript compiled in Rome and originated from the pagan winter solstice date occurring December 21st. Therefore, it can be deducted that Christmas originated in the country of Italy.

How is Christmas in the country Panama being celebrated?

In panama the celebration starts on Mothers day( yes its in December) When Christmas arrives they have parades and shoot off fireworks. They even light a big Christmas tree.

What countries celebrate Christmas other then December?

What countries celebrate Christmas other then December?. Or What countries don't Celebrate Christmas at all?

Christmas is celebrated on 7 January by which country?

In all countries where the most people are Russian orthodox, like Russia and the forme states of Soviet Union as well as Serbia.

Why do people in different countries celebrate Christmas?

Because it is still the day that Jesus was born and Jesus is a prophet.

How does the country Haiti celebrate Christmas today?

Haitians Celebrate Christmas by giving presents to friends and family, drinking beer and eating griots(Fried Pork). The children however, play outside with dynamites,and fireworks ect..

Which date does the nordic countries celebrate Christmas?

The same date as everyone else!. Traditionally (by which I mean a long long time ago) the norsemen did not celebrate Christmas, as there was no such thing as Christianity in that part of the world at the time.. The "men of the north" were pagans and worshipped different gods. Many pagan cultures, rather than being "destroyed" (as is the common misconcetion) by Christianity were, infact assimilated by it, and it by them. Much of our modern language takes its origins in nordic religion. Wednesday for example was the day reserved for giving thanks to Woden (known variously as Odin, Allfather, Allmaker, etc), and Thursday to Thorr (known today as god of thunder because of the mighty hammer he wielded). The points of the compas are named after the four "dwarves" who held aloft the earth the head of Ymir; Nordi, Sudri, Wustri, Austri.. So which date does the rest of the world celebrate Friggas' day? Friday maybe?!

Nordic countries tend to celebrate christmas chiefly on which date?

Nordic countries tend to celebrate Christmas in the evening onDecember 24 which is Christmas Eve. Nordic people in Europe havedone this since before Christianity adopted the holiday.

In which country do people eat banitsa as part of their Christmas celebration?

Bulgaria. I know this because I have been doing a country project in high school on Bulgaria for a couple months now. We had to do a food section and I chose to do it on banitsa. (:

Does Spain countries celebrate Christmas as Americans do?

Spain celebrates Christmas on the same day, but instead of one day of Christmas, there is a Christmas season. The Christmas season starts on the 8th of December with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and ends on January 6th with Three Kings Day.

How many countries is Hanukkah celebrated in compared to the amont of countries that Christmas is celebrated?

Hanukkah is celebrated by Jews, not by countries (with the exception of the country of Israel, where it is a holiday in the school system). Jews live in most countries of the world, and wherever they live, they celebrate Jewish holidays including Hanukkah.

The nordic countries tend to celebrate Christmas cheifly on which date?

Dec 24 in the evening, i.e. the evening before Christ's official birthday. I'm not sure, but I think this tendency to celebrate evenings prior to religious holidays, is somehow connected to the old definitions of days based on the Sun rising and setting, i.e. the Dec 25 was thought to begin at sun down Dec 24.

In which country was Christmas first celebrated?

Well, as Christmas is the birth of Christ, it was first celebrated in Judea (Israel) in the town of Bethlehem. The shepherds and magi celebrated is birth. After that Christ's 1st birthday would have been celebrated in Egypt where Christ and his family fled to escape Herod's killing spree.

Why do some countries celebrate Christmas on the 6 of January?

It's not considered Christmas...the 6th of January is the day the 3 wise men gave Jesus their gifts. So alot of people give gifts on that date.

Which country criminalised the celebration of Christmas?

Oliver Cromwell, one of the worse leaders of England , banned anything that was "fun", including Christmas, dancing and parties. Upon the death of Cromwell, King Charles II undid every single law that Cromwell made, making Christmas and fun things legal again.

Where is Christmas celebrated at in one country or many countries?

well most people in the countries celebrate Christmas in there house some people celebrate Christmas outside in front of the big Christmas singing Christmas carols some don't celebrate Christmas at all they just celebrate Jesus's birthday

What country celebrates its founding on July 1st every year?

Canada Called Canada Day or Dominion Day, it celebrates the founding of Canada in 1867.

How does the country Bahrain celebrate Christmas?

Bahrain does not officially recognise Christmas because it is officially an Islamic country. However Bahrain does welcome religious diversity, so there are a large number of Christians and Jews living peacefully amongst the Muslims. The Christians living in Bahrain celebrate Christmas by passing gifts and enjoying a meal of turkey and traditional local delicacies. Normally they may attend a Christmas Mass at a Christian church. It is not uncommon for those who don't celebrate Christmas to join their Christian friends in celebrations. Many Muslims will happily take part in the tradition of gift exchanging and the Christmas meal with their Christian friends, they just won't attend the Christmas mass at church with them.

What country celebrates Kwanzaa Christmas Hanukkah and Ramadan are celebrated?

Most people think Kwanzaa is and African holiday, but it actually started in North America, and is predominantly celebrated by African Americans. Christmas was traditionally a Christian holiday because that was when Jesus was supposedly born. It is celebrated in most countries that have significant Christian populations as a holy and/or a commercial Holiday. Hanukkah, also spelled Chanukah, is a Jewish holiday commemorating the Jewish victory against the Assyrian-Greeks in the Maccabean War of 165 BCE. It is celebrated by Jews in all countries they live in.

Are there countries that don't celebrate Christmas in December?

The main populous of non-christian countries will not celebrate Christmas. Where Christmas is celebrated, it is always on a day we call Christmas....for a reason....

When is Christmas celebrated in the majority of islands and countries?

= In the majority of Islands and counrties Christmas is celebrated on the 25th December every year.

What country celebrates Kwanzaa Christmas hanukka and Ramadan?

Christmas is celebrated as a national holiday in countries with a Christian majority. The only exception to that rule is Japan, which celebrates the non-religious aspects of Christmas as a very public (but not national) holiday. Hanukkah is celebrated as a national holiday only in Israel, and by Jews in all countries where they live. Kwanzaa is a African American holiday, mainly celebrated in the US and Canada. Ramadan is the Muslim month of fasting and atonement, observed by Muslims in all countries.

Which country celebrates Little Christmas on January 6?

Little Christmas, also called Womens' Christmas and Women's Little Christmas, is celebrated in Ireland on January 6.

What are some countries that celebrate Christmas?

Almost all countries celebrate Christmas. Some are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Japan and Mexico. Christians worldwide celebrate Christmas regardless of what country they are in.

What is the longest country celebrating Christmas?

I believe that would be Israel. Christmas celebrates Christ, who was born in Israel. The first Christmas was celebrated on the night of His birth.

Was New Zealand the first country to celebrate Christmas?

No, Christmas was celebrated long before New Zealand was settled. The First Christmas was in Bethlehem, but the first official celebration is a matter of conjecture since the church did not recognize Christmas as a holiday until late in the First Century.

How many countries in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate Christmas?

Well, we mostly just have some familytime. Some people pass around gifts, and some do religious activity (for example, Christians). I don't think it matters most which hemisphere you're in, but mostly your religion and your family members' attitude towards holidays.

What countries don't celebrate Christmas on the December 25th?

Holidays are celebrated by people, not countries. This is particularly the case for countries which are (a) democratic, and (b) which observe separation of church and state, such as the U.S.A. There may be goverments which do not honor or recognize other holidays, but where freedom is allowed to exist, holidays are celebrated by the people, not the goverments of countries. In the muslim world, Christmas is often not recognized as a national holiday; however, this does not mean that Christians, Protestants, catholics, etc., who live there are prohibited from observing Christmas. Israel is a Jewish country which observes Jewish holidays; however, it is a modern democracy which observes equality and freedom to its people. 20% of the people in the Israeli government seats (Kneset) are Muslims, and a significant percentage of each religion is also represented among its citizens. So while it is a Jewish state, its people are free to celebrate Christmas. Again, the main point is: Christmas is celebrated around the globe by people, not countries.

Why don't some countries celebrate Christmas?

Traditionally, Christmas has been a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. In more recent times, it is often celebrated as a secular holiday by non-religious people as well. Countries that have been predominantly Christian in the past tend to be the ones in which Christmas is celebrated.

Does Every state and country celebrates Christmas?

No, some cultures celebrate different things like Hanukkah, it is all based on their culture in their state or country. I'm not sure what cultures celebrate what, but i do know that not every country or state celebrates Christmas. I hope this gives you a bit of information! Within the USA, people celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus, and/or any combination thereof. Or, of course, none at all. As far as countries go, the same is true to a point. Traditionally, most of the western countries will celebrate the christian holiday. In the middle east, it's less common; as the majority of the population is not christian, but jewish or muslim. As christmas becomes more commercially motivated and less religious, it has moved into the asian countries. In the last 20 years, for instance, China has experienced a surge in christmas in major cities.

Why is Christmas celebrated in your Denmark country?

Denmark is mainly Christian, and Christmas is a Christian event - so of course Denmark celebrates Christmas.

Is Christmas celebrated in all countries?

No, not generally. Only countries with a strong Christian heritage celebrate Christmas, as it is the celebration of Jesus' birth. Muslim, countries in particular do not celebrate Christmas but perhaps a few individual Christians or westerners would even in a Mulism country.

Why doesn't every country celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a Christian holiday, and so countries whereChristianity is unknown or not widely practiced/accepted do notknow of Christmas, much less celebrate it. These countries include:North Korea and a number of Middle Eastern and North Africancountries. In other places where Christianity exists but isn't the majority ornational religion, Christmas may be celebrated but not as a public/national holiday. These countries include: China, Japan, parts ofSoutheast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Which country has the lowest amount of people celebrating Christmas?

Turkey it is a legal to celebrate Christmas if u are Turkish it is only people from other parts of the world that is aloud to celebrate Xmas in turkey

Christmas is celebrated in which countries around the world?

There are many countries where Christmas is celebrated across the world. Examples include the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada and Ireland.

Is there any country in the western Europe does not celebrate Christmas?

In England in the 1644 (somewhere around that) people were thrown in prison if they were caught celebrating Christmas. But now England is welcome to celebrate. I hope i helped :)

How many countries celebrate Christmas in the summer?

All countries in the Southern part of earth; as Australia, South Africa, Argentina, ... etc

Which country celebrate the Christmas in summar?

Australia celebrates Christmas at the same time as the rest of the world celebrates it --December 25. It just so happens that December 25 falls in the first month of summer in the southern hemisphere as at that time the southern hemisphere faces towards the sun and have summer, so you will find that South Americans and Africans (for example) also celebrate Christmas in summer.

Which is the only country where Christmas is celebrated in summer?

All countries in the Souther Hemisphere have Christmas duringsummer. These countries have summer during December, January andFebrurary. Some examples are Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,etc.