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Dreaming in Color
Here are opinions and answers from WikiAnswers Contributors:
  • Here's a toughie...Firstly, i think it depends on the person. If a person is old enough, it may occur as black and white. Otherwise though, I'm pretty sure it's mostly color dreams.
  • People dream in color, even when they think that they dream in black and white... if you ask them what color something was, they will know.
  • No, I don't dream in color and I am normal - as normal as possible.
  • Same for me. Sometimes I dream in color, but very often, I have a dream or two in black & white or sepia. And I'm still in middle school, so I don't think you'd consider me "old!"
  • Everyone dreams in color. The thought that we don't dream in color is the result of misinterpretation of very old research. Think about it: We see in color. In fact, we have six senses at our disposal during the waking day. There's no reason we wouldn't have access to those senses during sleep as well, particularly since many scientists believe dreaming is a natural way to recall events and emotions from our waking hours and play out solutions as a means of catharisis.
  • I should add that some people dream much more vividly than others. Those who don't recall dreams at all or very well may be lead to believe they don't dream in color.
  • Humans actually have five senses. Some have fewer -- for example, blind people only have four. People who are blind due to the failure of brain regions devoted to vision do not dream in vision at all. Their brain is unable to create or process visual images. Thus, congenital blind people are indeed unable to dream in color, or in vision at all. It should also be noted that this kind of dream research can only be based on reports from individual.. even if some people do say that they dream in black-and-white, we may never know if that's true, or if they just are unable to remember their dreams vividly enough.
  • No. I dream in color and in black and white. My step father only dreams in black and white and my mother only dreams in color.
  • No one would probably have dreamt of this question if we never had colour tv. As it is, I seriously doubt that anyone who isn't colour blind or has some similar visual disorder, dreams in black and white.
  • This answer really depnds on the person and the circumstanses. Everybody has different ways of dreaming, so many people would have their dreams set in different times (eg. daytime or night time). This may effect the colour they see. Obviously dreams which are set in the night time will be drained of much colour and may be interpreted as 'black & white' dreams. From my experience, dreams of which are set during the night time tend to be black and white as that is all I can make out of colour in the dark.
  • i always dream in color or the dreams i remember are always in color.
  • I read a book about dreams. It's called: Book of Dreams By Sylvia Browne. The color dream is a prophetic dream. Prophetic dreams are always in color! They tell the future. But they only give you hints!
  • Who knows if you dream in color or not? When you remember the dream, you are more likely to remember it in color, since your daylight vision is in color. If you claim to dream in black and white, the chances are you just dreamt a dark dream.
  • Mostly dreams occur in different colours it need not be black and white only sometimes people dream in single colour like red,blue and green but it depends on how the person want to see the brain doesn't rest at all that is why dreams occur so as we think inturn the brain thinks and manipulates and gives it in the form of dreamz...
  • I am color blind, my brother is blind, we both dream in color.

mostly, but some dream in B/W too...
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