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What is one place you haven't visited that you want to check off your bucket list?

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Is the courier expert is scam company?

They ask for a fee to set you up ,ASk them if you can pay them out of yourinitial earnings ,the answer will be NOTotal rip off, you will pay them the fee and earn next to noth (MORE)
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Is there branch of hsbc bank in Nigeria?

yes there is a HSBC bank in Nigeria now but it merged with another Bank First Bank and now it is FIRST HSBC Bank their address is Samuel Asabia House 35, Marina,Lagos P.O. Box (MORE)

What is the highest paid branch of engineering in Nigeria?

Good students in every branch of engineering are well paid.     Computer Engineers are paid a very high amount, may be a software or network engineer. Networking exper (MORE)
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What are the leading courier companies?

The leading courier companies vary by region, but typically are those that serve the most area internationally. Based on the volume of business it does, the biggest in the wor (MORE)

18 Backyard DIYs To Do This Summer.

Get your backyard summer ready with these DIY projects. For this colorful project, all you have to do is paint colorful cement tiles for your outdoor patio using latex paint. (MORE)