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Does expressway-courier company has any branch Nigeria?

i don't really know
i have a friend from china who is sending me some good through enerstway courier service. so i want find out if their is such courier service here in nigeria or i,m been doopt
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Is the courier expert is scam company?

They ask for a fee to set you up ,ASk them if you can pay them out of yourinitial earnings ,the answer will be NOTotal rip off, you will pay them the fee and earn next to noth (MORE)


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Is there branch of hsbc bank in Nigeria?

yes there is a HSBC bank in Nigeria now but it merged with another Bank First Bank and now it is FIRST HSBC Bank their address is Samuel Asabia House 35, Marina,Lagos P.O. Box (MORE)

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What are the leading courier companies?

The leading courier companies vary by region, but typically are those that serve the most area internationally. Based on the volume of business it does, the biggest in the wor (MORE)

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Which companies provide courier delivery?

There are a number of very well known and reliable courier delivery companies available. Some of the best known courier companies include Purolator, UPS and DHL.

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