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Does expressway-courier company has any branch Nigeria?

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What is the working condition of Dana group of companies Nigeria like?

It is the same as working for a big corporation any where. There are good things to it and some things which may not be so good but then it depends on what is your definition (MORE)

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This dog found a new enemy in a hanging tree branch, and he was not about to let it win. Even though he hung off the branch aimlessly, he refused to let go of the branch and a (MORE)

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In Banking

Is there branch of hsbc bank in Nigeria?

yes there is a HSBC bank in Nigeria now but it merged with another Bank First Bank and now it is FIRST HSBC Bank their address is Samuel Asabia House 35, Marina,Lagos P.O. Box (MORE)

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What is the highest paid branch of engineering in Nigeria?

Good students in every branch of engineering are well paid.     Computer Engineers are paid a very high amount, may be a software or network engineer. Networking exp (MORE)

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Salary of a project manager in oil company in Nigeria?

You should never accept anything less than $10k/month + accomodation (you and your family) + schooling + car + 2 tickets to your home country (2 tickets for each member of you (MORE)