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Why are most fines from the criminal behavior paid to the government and not the victim?

Crimes are violation against society. The Gov't represent society in any criminal matter, not the individual. if the individual wishes for economical compensation he/she can d

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What is ptc site?

A ptc site is a site which pays you to watch an advertisment, the advertiser pays money to lead traffic to his/her site, and you get payed from watching the advertisers site.

What is the difference between ntc and ptc?

NTC is resistance decreases as the temperature increases. NTC are made up of metal oxides from elements such as iron, copper, manganese, nickel and titanium. NTC are very re

Is clixtopia PTC site a scam?

I think clixtopia is legit. but we do some mistake that we never read the terms of all ptc. Clixtopa only pay us citizen once a year . And other countries member should be pre

Ptc in broadcast journalism stands for?

PTC in journalism stands for 'Person to Camera' that is said by the reporter in the end of a news package with his/her appearance on camera.

Why do you want to be miss ptc Punjabi?

Because i want to study my culture more, I have caliber to be a miss ptc Punjabi. I have great talent to qualify "miss ptc Punjabi contest". I wsih to have my own identity. i

What does PTC stand for?

In HVAC/R PTC stands for Positive temperature coefficient thermistor. Hope this helps.

If you do jail time for fines is the fine paid off?

Yes, in most cases the jail time you serve for fines is in lieu of payment. HOWEVER - this does not apply in the case of court ordered judgments. #2 answ: It depends on what
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How get referrals for PTC?

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