Does heat raise up?

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Yes, hot air rises, cold air falls.

Why smoke raises up?

Smoke rises because it results from combustion, so the "parcel" of gas which contains the solid particles making up the smoke, is less dense than the surrounding air.

Will heat raise body temperature?

yes, your body will start to sweat if your core temperature is raised high enough through whatever technique, wheather that be physical activity or just sittin around on hot s

Central heating will not heat up?

You need to troubleshoot the system, is the thermostat turned up, are the radiators turned on, is the boiler on and working, if all the obvious are in order then you may have

How does heat heat up stuff?

well heat is fast moving particles they collide with slow particles which is cold and the slow particles move fast too. In the end the slow particles move faster just as heat

How do you raise your grades up?

you can raise your grades up by studying and paying attention in class. . Pay Attention . Ask Questions . Do your homework . Study . Do classwork . Stay Involved . K

Will a heating pad raise body temperature?

Not really. In terms of physics: yes, you are adding heat to a set of molecules, therefor it will get warmer. But you are not a closed system: you lose a lot of heat from evap
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To raise up?

It is to change the arrangement or position of something.