Does homeowners' liability insurance cover personal injury on another property?

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No, your Homeowners Insurance will not. Your Medical Insurance Will.
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Does homeowner insurance cover injury to a person who rents an apartment on your property that is a single family property?

You should refer to your homeowners policy, liability section. Many policies may have an exclusion for 'tenants' who are injured on the residence premises. Normally, non-trespassers are covered for injury that may occur on your property. Med pay coverage provides medical expense for injured parties. (MORE)

Does homeowner insurance cover theft of property from your truck?

Personal property is covered for the listed perils in yourpolicy, see Coverage C - Personal Property, for the list of coveredlosses. Personal property is covered even if it is located in avehicle at the time of loss. Some limitations and exclusions couldbe applicable if the loss is caused by theft.

Does your homeowners insurance cover you if you are injured on someone else's property?

No You would need to seek coverage under your medical insurancepolicy for accidental injuries. Homeowners insurance is for property and liabilities that may ariseout of home ownership. Home insurance does not replace medicalinsurance. If you think the property owner is liable through cause of inju (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover liability while working in a restaurant?

Generally NO, there are exclusions in most policys regarding losses that occur during the course of your employment, but again would depend of what coverage you are talking about, if your rings are stolen while you are at work...maybe....if you drop a plate on someones head while working no, wouldn' (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover vandalized vehicles on your property?

Answer . Properties in South Florida are insured for Vandalism . A1 Property Damage Claims Agency handles your Vandalism claim from start to finish with no up front cost to you. We are paid a fee only when the case is won. Call us today at 305-249-7866 E-mail

Does homeowners insurance cover at home business property?

Most homeowner's policies have a limit for claims for business property on the premises of about $2500. Depending on the home business this amount is probably insufficient to cover the replacement cost of the business equipment and supplies you use to operate your business at home. You should also b (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance covers damage done to a property by a hired person?

Generally no. Hired workers are not covered under a home insurance policy. Homeowners insurance policies do not cover "poor workmanship" But the contractor or repairman's Commercial Liability policy will cover if he damages your property or fails to perform repairs up to the standards that a reas (MORE)

What personal property is covered in homeowners insurance policy?

ALL Personal property owned or borroewd by insured is covered INHOME AND anywhere in the world while on vacation. BUT, If you at asecond home like a cabin you own in Tahoe the coverage will bedecreased to 10% of amount covered in Coverage C. Any relativeliving with you stuff is covered also. Roomate (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover injury to the insured?

Check your insurance policy. If you selected medical coverage when you purchased your policy. There is usually a small amount (about 500 dollars) of medical for the named insured that covers minor house hold injuries. Otherwise you would need to look to your health or major medical insurance policy (MORE)

Is accidental injury at home covered by health or homeowners insurance?

Accidental death of the homeowner, and his/her immediate family (brother, son, father, wife, etc.) is NOT covered under homeowner's. It is probably not covered under health insurance, either. Any medical bills created by the accident should be covered under health insurance. Accidental death of a (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover any costs towards injury of the homeowner on their own property?

Homeowners insurance is "Property Coverage". Most home insurance policies only have 500 dollars medical coverage for the named insured which covers minor house hold injuries in and around the house. Some home insurance policies have no medical coverage at all since it's "property insurance". Your (MORE)

Does car insurance cover bodily injury liability?

It depends upon the coverage that you purchase. Normally, when you buy liability insurance, you get both property damage and bodily injury liability coverage. In fact, many states require that such insurance be maintained for the protection of others who may be injured due to your negligence. The fa (MORE)

What is homeowner liability for personal injury on a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is considered part of coverage B or other structures protection. This coverage applies to structural damage only, and is somewhat limited. If someone is injured (while walking on a retaining wall etc.) certainly the homeowner could be liable for any medical expenses incurred as a r (MORE)

Will homeowners insurance cover a damaged wind turbine on your property?

There are two types of coverage, and insurance policy and a maintenance contract. Rarely do these offer the same coverages. An insurance policy is meant to cover you when an accident happens. You would need a maintenance policy, it's similar to a television set, when breakdown occurs then coverage m (MORE)

Is your personal property insurance added to your homeowners insurance?

Most standard insurance carriers' homeowner packages cover the dwelling structure, separate structures, personal property, loss of use, personal liability and medical payments. However, there are many different forms of homeowners type policies. If you have a basic, HO1 (ISO), then your property ma (MORE)

Will homeowners insurance cover personal injury?

It would depend on the type of injury and who was injured as wellas whether you purchased certain coverage with your homeownersinsurance policy. Homeowners insurance is also known as "Hazard"insurance specific to the named insureds property. Itfalls under property and casualty lines. If you elec (MORE)

Will homeowners insurance cover personal injury for the insured?

Coverages within a homeowners policy for personal injuries do exist. Whether a specific policy would extend this type of coverage depends on the policy itself as this type of coverage is often optional. Review of the policy or declerations page looking for "medical payments" or "injury to the insure (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover theft or robbery when theft occurred from another persons property?

Yes. Homeowners policies provide coverage for theft or any other covered cause such as fire, tornado, etc. when the property is located off premises. The amount of coverage is generally 10% of coverage C (Contents) for property located off premises. This covers property at a friends house, in a hote (MORE)

What does homeowners liability insurance cover?

It covers your negligent actions anywhere in the world as well if someone sues you your laibility coverage will kick in and they will defend you. There are some other coverages in there as well but would need to see policy as all are different

Are personal injury and property covered under liability?

If the injury and property damage is to that of another for which you are at fault "Legally Liable" then yes. If the injury is to the insured(s) yourself or your own property then no. it is not possible to be liable to ones own self.

Will homeowners insurance cover personal injury to a renter?

No. First, if you are renting the home, you cannot insure it under a homeowners policy. If the home is not owner occupied for 90 days coverage ceases immediately. You must have the correct property policy for the right situation. If the home is rented you need a tenant occupied dwelling fire policy (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover an uninsured person?

My agent in MD (at the time-10 yrs ago) advised me that my homeowners insurance would not cover workers who by law were supposed to be covered by worker's compensation. I had a very skilled, reliable friend who would have installed a large roof for me for half the price of a fully licensed contracto (MORE)

Does Homeowners insurance cover grandkids who vandelized neighbors property?

It just depends on whether you are liable for the acts of yourgrandchild or not. It might be that the childs parents are legallyliable for their acts in your jurisdiction. Not knowing your localregulations, theres not enough information in your question toanswer properly. In general though, If you (MORE)

Does personal liability coverage of a home owners policy in Washington state cover accidental no fault injuries to non-insured injured handymen working on covered property?

No, your homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for injury to hired workers. It is the responsibility of the contractor to carry the proper insurance to cover himself and workers for injuries and losses incidental to the line of work contracted. This is why one should always check out (MORE)

Does homeowners insurance cover outside you property?

I'm not exactly sure what you are asking but I will take a shot. If you mean personal property not located on your property then yes, you have coverage of your personal property while you are traveling away from home. Up to 10% of coverage C (personal property) is covered while off premises. I hope (MORE)

What is covered for personal liability insurance?

Personal liability insurance provides additional coverage to other insurance policies. Without personal liability insurance, any thing that one's home or car insurance could not cover, one would have to pay out of pocket. Personal liability insurance will cover those fines.