Does iPod touch 4g have AirPlay mirroring?

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No, not unless you can find a Cydia app for it. I hope Apple will bring it in the future...
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How do you jailbreak ipod touch 4g?

Don't update it and if your lucky you might be able to use the newest version of limerain witch you can get from their website if not wait and get the newest version that geoh

Does the iPod Touch 4g have photobooth?

Currently, no. However it has been spotted in the developer versions of iOS 4.3. The only current solution is to buy an app that enables such effects. iMajicam is a good one t

How do you FaceTime on ipod touch 4g?

Step 1: Find someone else with facetime and note down their facetime-registered email address. Step 2: Add that person to the contacts app on your ipod touch with the email a
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How do you clean a ipod touch 4g?

first buy screen cleaning spray for the ipodtouch 4g . make sure it says that you could use it on the touch 4g. check that the spray you bought has a cleaning cloth. take the
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How do you reboot iPod Touch 4g?

It is very easy! Hold down the top button (or the sleep/wake button) for 7-10 seconds. A red slide bar appears with the words "slide to turn off." Slide. iPod will show a blac