Does impending doom believe in God?

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Impending doom doesn't sound like it is alive. God gives us all choices to do what we want and it is up to us to do the right thing. If we don't, impending doom will strike. Impending doom is more of a cause and effect between us and God.
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How do you believe in God?

How do you Not? Have you seen some of the Natural wonders of theWorld? How do you explain it? The "Big Bang Theory"? How did the"Big Bang" happen? I say God created and made it all happen. You just have to know and trust. Read the bible regularly. Itreally helped me. I was doubting that there was (MORE)

Do you believe in God?

Yes I do. To think we were just plunked down here out of thestar lit sky when there were two moons in the sky is stretching it!Look around at the miracles you see every day, but most of us takeit for granted. There is something within each human (even thosethat deny) that has God in them (or a Supre (MORE)

If there is no God why believe?

Some opinions from contributors . God is the creator of the world. If you don't believe you'll go to hell when you die. . You must believe There is most certainly a GOD !!!!! Most people believe so, but it is impossible to prove either way.

Why do you believe in a god?

They belief in him because people are afriad of dieing and by believing in him the fear is gone. Also it makes stuff easy to explane. They also belife becasue they need ansewers becasue they can't just accept that there isn't ansewered like does space end? If it does end whats after that? But wonder (MORE)

Why do you believe in God?

Because it's comforting and brings hope to a hopeless situation. Because he is our creator and the savor.

Who believes in God?

Absulutley ANYONE can believe in God or Jesus Christ the son of God. It is up to thy person to believe what has been done. Christians, Mormons and catholics can all belive in God or anyone else for that matter. Well lots of people believe in "God".

Are we doomed?

we are not shure but people have a theory of we will all die in 2012 but if we dont know what will happen tomorow then how are we going to know what will happan in 2012 . Everyone sais that we are dommed in 2012 but its gone a bit out of hand. Firstly no one knows for sure whats gonna happen in t (MORE)

What you believe about god?

I believe that there is one God- the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. God loves us, in fact so much, that he gave his only son to die and then rise for us, that all who believe may be saved. However, those who do not believe in the Triune God are certainly condemmed to hell. . Please alway (MORE)

Who believes in god but does not believe in religion?

People who recognize both the possiblility of a higher power bring life into exisence, and also that man is flawed enough to take advantage of other peoples beliefs to raise themselves to positions of power often believe in God, and seldom in religion.

Do you believe we have a God?

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. (MORE)

Do you have to believe in god?

Those who do believe in God also believe that we were created with free will to either believe in God or not. Humanity is not forced to accept God's existence.

Do you believe in God Why or why not?

yes because he created everything and he sent his son to die for us and gave him life again so now if we love him trust him and believe him you wil go to heaven No. because there is concrete facts and evidence of science and astronomy that say otherwise. I am an atheist. If you do believe god ca (MORE)

Are there reasons for believing or not believing in God?

Opinions from our Contributors: . Because there are many different religions and not everyreligion follows God. . People do not believe in a god for many reasons. Often it is asthe result of a long period of examination of existing "proofs",discussions and study. . They have studied religi (MORE)

What do they believe about their god?

Christians believe that God is a powerful, loving, all seeing god. He loves the world so much, that He was willing to send His only son to die a painful horrible death so that we would beable to spend eternity with God. God is so Holly, so perfect, that he can not look at sin. The penalty for sin (MORE)

Was god a believer?

I will assume that by "god" it is meant Jesus Christ.. First, was Jesus Christ capable of belief? Did he know all? The bible gives evidence to his mortality and the limits there of:. "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man." Luke 2:52. The fact that Jesus "incre (MORE)

Is the band impending doom christian?

There are actually two different bands by the name of Impending Doom. One of them which has a label under Christian music. The newer Impending Doom band which formed in California in 2005 is a Christian band. The other Impending Doom band which formed in Germany in 1993 and split-up in 2001 is (MORE)

How can you believe God?

It's not always something you have been brought up with. It is your own choice. To believe in God is to believe that you have a purpose that you are loved and cared for that once you die here on earth you don't just disappear. Not necessarily an after life like Egyptians believe but one with no hate (MORE)

Who is God and what you believe about him?

God is the creator and he sent his son to die on the cross for the rath of God he will send a rath above evil i blive from revalation that his last remake of the world is not far away he will keep the christains safe Answer: God is a made up figure created by early humans to answer the question (MORE)

How do you believe God?

Learn how to listen. I'm sure He always wanted all human beings to believe in Him. Just open your heart, you'll see.

Why to believe god?

Because we don't know everything and people like to have someone or something to help them explain their existences, purposes, unexplained events, ects. God is a perfect concept to help guide people through their lives. The concept of God or Gods varies by regions, religions, people, and even with (MORE)

What if you do not believe in God?

It is entirely your choice whether to believe in the existence of a supernatural entity that started creation (God), or attribute it to a random, unexplained and unfathomable event.. You should be aware though, should God indeed exists, and depending which religion is ultimately the correct one, y (MORE)

Do you believe that there is God?

No I don't; god is just a theory to explain the unknown. I am also a skeptic. However, there are lots of religious people who participate in this site. Religious issues are always debatable.

If you believe in god do you believe in dinosaurs?

You don't have to "believe" in dinosaurs. There is evidence of their existence in the fossil record, unlike god. You can believe in god and deny that dinosaurs existed by citing the Genesis story in the bible, but the evidence for their existence is compelling. You can believe in god and in dinosaur (MORE)

Does God believe in you?

yes ******************** I believe that this should be a two part question. 1. Does God Know me and 2. Does God believe in me. To answer the first, God knows me because He created me as His spirit child. He also knew how I used the intelligence which was available to me while in that spirit st (MORE)

Do you have to believe in miracles to believe in God?

No, you do not have to believe in miracles to believe in God. Some of America's Founding Fathers were deists. Deists believe that the creator God, having created the world, takes no further interest in his creation and performs no miracles. Of course, the fact that miracles do not really happen is m (MORE)

Do communists believe or not believe God?

Generally speaking, communists are atheists because communistsbelieve in what is called a "Material History", as described byKarl Marx. This version of history sees material wealth as thecentral driver of history. So a rough depiction of what history hasbeen in the eyes of a communist would be this: (MORE)

Does not believe in God?

If you don't believe in God, you don't have to. If someone forces you into believing something, the process is unnatural and you won't have faith in it. Who is God, anyway? Which religion is the true religion and how do we know? How can God have no beginning and no end? How can you prove God exists (MORE)

Who is God how can you believe in him and why should you believe in him?

God (with a capital G) is the God of the Bible. According to theBible He is the creator and sustainer of all life, God has revealedHimself to mankind throughout the ages - some of this is recordedin the Bible. The Bible tells us about the character and attributesof God. From the Bible we can read th (MORE)

How it was with dooms?

How it was with dooms is a children's book. This is a book based on an actual happening. It is about a boy on a game preserve in Kenya that befriends a young cheetah that has been orphaned.

Why is it important to believe in God or gods?

Opinion We were created by one god and one god only. If we don't believe in the one god and associate other things with god such as idols we will be punished for it. Opinion It's truly important to believe in our one and true Creator, the Most High. Opinion It's not that important at (MORE)

What is to believe there is a god?

To believe there is a God is simply to experience such divinitypersonally. If it is not possible to experience or interact withGod personally then obviously he is only as real as Santa Claus.Anyone who claims to know God must be able to take you to him andif they cannot, then it should be obvious th (MORE)

Why you believed in God?

No. I believe in Jesus, that live and dead in time of Poncio Pilatos. Healing people, and teaching to the poors.

Who does not believe in God?

A: Everyone who follows a religion other than one of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) believes in other gods or spirits but does not believe in the Abrahamic God. These would include followers of Hinduism, Daoism, Shintoism and other religions, as well as most Buddhists. Also (MORE)

Who does not believe god?

Clearly, people who need specific clues and proof. Mostly scientists. Im not saying just because you ARE or WANT to be one you dont belive in god. But they mostly need proof. There was an astronaut who did not belive god, than when he came back from space he belived him. I pray and I pray when im ve (MORE)

Do you believe in god and why?

No, because it always came across to me as little more than a moreelaborate ghost story, and it wasn't enough to pursuade me of anytruth behind it.

What actors and actresses appeared in Impending Doom - 1993?

The cast of Impending Doom - 1993 includes: Daemon Bagley Bryan Campbell Kate Duggan Jason Ellis Ben Fenner Aaron Fili Megan Hovde Matt Hovde Carrie Jacobson Voegele Brian Kiel Shawn Lanz Dave Lawler Ali McLarney Anna Perilo Josh Perilo Wayne Rasmuss Alexis Richards Sean Rourke Tim Sitch Julie Storm (MORE)

Is the website impending doom really true?

The website impending sets out various possible ways humancivilisation might come to an end. The first scenario Is ClimateChange. All the information about climate change and the greenhouse effectis accurate. Humans are adding to greenhouse gas levels throughdeforestation and burning of f (MORE)