Does it cost if ESPN sends you txt messagesif you have unlimited text with att?

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no but if you get pctures with yours than it costs like 1 cent
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Does ATT have unlimited texting?

yes they have unlimited texting but you have to buy it.. AT&T's unlimited texting for one line on their contract service is $20 per month. Their unlimited texting for a fam

Why won't my Verizon texts send to ATT?

\nI have had this problem frequently in the past and haven't gotten much of a straight answer from Verizon who I use for my carrier. The best explanation I've gotten is that

How much is unlimited texting for ATT?

It is 85 dollars a month. But if you have the iPhone, then it may be more money because the iPhone cost 10 dollars a month just to own it not counting the limits you have on i

Do twitter text messages cost if you have unlimited texting with att?

Unless you also have their unlimited data plan, it does. Unlimited txt only applies if you use *their* txt msg software. Even if you use the pre-loaded stuff, like aim or ya