Does it snow in Illinois?

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Yes. In fact, Illinois is known by most outsiders as having brutally cold winters with negative temperatures. It does depend, though. The state stretches a good four hundred miles from north to south. Carbondale, IL barely sees snow during the year, but experiences many slippery and icy conditions. In the Chicago Metropolitan Area, however, you probably won't go three days without significant snowfall from about November to March.

Don't be fooled. Illinois also experiences some of the HOTTEST summers around!
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Where is Illinois?

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Are studded snow tires legal in Illinois?

The state of Illinois prohibits the use of tires with metal or woodstuds or other projections on improved highways. This prohibitionapplies to any metal vehicle, including aut

When was the last big snow in Carbondale Illinois?

Last weekend of January 2009. Over half an inch of sheet ice existed on average throughout the town, under 3-4 feet of snow. Roads were prioritized by the city and many reside

Has it ever snowed in Illinois?

As I sit here now, looking at the snow melting in my yard, I feel I can say with great assurance.... YES -- it snows in Illinois.

What does Illinois have?

3 i's 2 l's the words: ill, in, no, is. Also, it has the city of Chicago which is filled with wonderful things to do, as well as many other interesting smaller cities and far

Why -does- it- snow?

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When was the last time it snowed on Christmas in Harrisburg Illinois?

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Does it snow around Christmas time in Illinois?

Illinois does get snow in January, but whether or not it snow close to Christmas, though depends on the particular weather pattern at the time. Snow is a bit more likely in No