Does lightning ever strike the same place twice?

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Yes it can. Tall buidings have lightning conductors which are hit several times every year. It is estimated that there are 8,000,000 lightning strikes every day.

Not only does it hit the same place more than once, several people have been hit more than once.
Sometimes in Florida where they have a lot of lightning and they have tree nurseries They have trees called lightning trees. These trees don't get sold they are there because they have been struck by lightning before which means they are one of the tallest trees in the grove they are there so they can attract lightning so the lightning doesn't strike other trees. So if your out in an open field every time when it is raining and lightning is going on too, you may get struck more than once.
It can and often has.
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Is it true that lightning never strikes again on the same place?

Answer . No,it can fall dozens of time in the same place.. Go to /Artshtml/dln/5-00/lightening.html or /lmwn1a.shtml. Depending on your interpretation of the myth, it can be true, there has never been a recorded instance where a lightning hit in the same way (MORE)

Why does lightning strike higher places or objects?

lightning looks for the quickest route to the ground so that it can have a neutral charge as right now it has a negative charge, the ground is willing to except the electrons, so after the lightning hits the objects it goes down into the ground

Does lightning hit in the same place twice?

Answer #1: . Yes it does, that's why people install metal sticks on houseroofs. in that way lightning makes it in the same place. ==== Answer #2: An old legend says that "Lightning never strikes twice in the sameplace". But the truth is that if you're a tall building or a radio tower, thenlig (MORE)

Can lightning strike the same place twice?

Yes. it can and it has. It is estimated that there are 8,000,000 lightning strikes every day. . Not only does it hit the same place more than once, several people have been hit more than once.

What are the odds of lightning striking the same place twice?

Fairly good, actually. For example, lightning strikes the Empire State Building several hundred times a year, because it's tall. Contrary to the old saying, lightning is really somewhat more likely to strike a place it's hit before. Whatever made it attractive to the lightning then is probably sti (MORE)

What are lightning strikes?

Large bolts of electricity coming from clouds. In some cases the bolt comes from the earth up to the cloud.

Why lighting strike same spot twice?

Lightning commonly strikes the same place many times. Lightning is static electricity, generated in the collisions between the clouds. The lightning wants to ground itself by striking something with a good electrical pathway to the earth. That could be a tall tree, or a steeple, or a house chimney, (MORE)

Why doesn't lightning hit a place twice?

This is not true. Some places have been hit many times. The EmpireState Building, for example, is hit by lightning an average of 100times per year. If you looked at it from a simple perspective, mostspots are never hit by lightning, but one bolt does not affect thechances of another striking. So the (MORE)

How many times does lightning strike in one place?

Only once. After that, the place is no longer there. No, seriously, lightning may strike the same place many times. Some places are just natural lightning rods, like radio antennas on tall buildings. outcroppings of rock on mountains -- any place that a static charge is able to build uninterrupte (MORE)

What does it mean when lightning strikes twice?

Many people (not necessarily scientiest or meteorologists) think that lightning will not strike the same place twice. So they say that it is rare for lightning to strick twice, meaning twice at the same place.. This term is used to imply something that is rare.

Does lightning ever hit twice?

yes it can because the speed of light can go against the gravity and make a shocking slash of light crash to the ground 0000.01 seconds after the first strike. The electrical static and current cause it to hit the ground because there's a strong conductor that's pulling it down which is a problem be (MORE)

Why did lightning strike?

If your asking why does it strike at all, it's because of the negative charges the atrract the energy.. If your asking why does it strike at all, it's because of the negative charges the atrract the energy.

Is lightning likely to strike the same place more than two times?

Lightning often strikes the same place several times. The CN Tower in Toronto, which until recently was the world's tallest free-standing structure, gets hit by lightning up to 50 times a year. The higher an object is above the ground, the more likely it is to be struck by lightning.

What not to do when lightning strikes?

Do NOT strike back. Lightning will kill you if you try to get revenge. Take the example of the Empire Strikes Back. look what happened to the Empire. they got blowed up in Return of the Jedi.

Can lightning strike twice in one spot?

Yes it can. The original idea behind it not being able to is that what it initially hit, say a tree, will be destroyed so could not be hit again. Or that since it is hit by lightning it is now charged and will repolse a second strike. These two event don't have to happen. For instance metal objects, (MORE)

Can lightning strike more than 1 place?

One lightining bolt? No, the electricity can split and take two different paths from one source. So in a way they can, but in a technical sense they are 2 different bolts from the same source. Electric current is the flow of electrically charged particles. If some particles branch one way and the re (MORE)

Has anyone ever been on the same gameshow twice?

It can happen, depending on the show. For example, on The Price is Right , you can be on the show again after 10 years, and there have been contestants who have appeared on the show twice. On the other side of the spectrum, there was a contestant on Jeopardy! who appeared twice, and had his winni (MORE)

Does lighting ever strike in the same spot?

Most likely. I've never seen it with my own eyes, but that's because it's just so rare. The empire state building and the sears tower get struck by lightning many times a year.

Will it ever be impossible to make a body moves by striking with just a light not lightning?

No, it's not impossible at all. No matter how tiny it is, there is such thing as light pressure from light shining on something, just like how we have air pressure, and water pressure. The pressure light exerts was calculated in 1903 - light from the sun exerts roughly one billionth of a pound pe (MORE)

Why does lightning strike a lightning rod?

It usually does that because it's the highest thing around. .....When there is a point on a conductor charge can gather more there, causing the air around the conductor/lighting rod, to ionize....Ionized air allowed the flow of charge very easily so it will flow through the air to the rod and in (MORE)

What is lightning and what happens when lightning strikes?

1. Lightning is created by strong updrafts carrying rain to the top of the cloud causing friction with hail or ice creating an electrical charge, like static electricity. When the lighting is built up to a certain point it has to balance or equalize with the grounds charges. When lightning strikes (MORE)

Why does lighting the same place twice?

The question is meaningless. It is a corrupt attempt to quote the old saw "Lightning never strikes the same place twice.", which in itself is wildly false.

Is it possible for lightning to strike daily and at the same time?

It is possible for lightning to strike daily, if you have a storm system strong enough. For the second part of your question, the a single lightning strike that you see is actually made from multiple strikes that occur relatively at the same moment, and therefore make the "branches" to the single (MORE)

Have tornadoes ever hit the same place twice in the same year?

Yes, in fact some places have been hit twice in the same day. On April 3, 1974 the towns of Tanner, Capshaw , and Harvest, Alabama were first hit by an F5 tornado, followed by an F4 (listed by some as F5) tornado barely 30 minutes later. In some places it was impossible to tell which tornado damage (MORE)

How many tornadoes can strike at the same place at the same time?

Well, up to 100 tornadoes, can strike a large region not at the minute, but in a day or 2. It would be unusual for more than two tornadoes to strike an area as small as a city within a day end even more if they were simultaneous. Tornadoes are usually not very stable in close proximity to one anothe (MORE)

Why do tornadoes hit the same place twice?

There are two main factors in this. First, some regions, such as the Great Plains, and the South, tend to get a lot of tornadoes, so it is easy for the same area to be hit a few times. The other part of it is simply bad luck. If a place can be hit once, it can be hit again; the "lightning never stri (MORE)

Is it a fact that lightning never strikes twice in the same place?

No. It's a saying, basically meaning that rare events are unlikely to happen again. But lightning can strike the same place again. Lightning has no memory, and may well strike the same object repeatedly. No. Lightning can and often does strike the same place twice, especially if that place is a tal (MORE)

When does the lightning strike?

carry the six then use the quadratic formula negative b plus or minus the squrare root of b squared minus 4 ac all over 2

What are the odds of lightning striking twice?

According to the year 2000 census, the odds of getting hit vary a ton. It depends on the time of the year, location, personal lifestyle, etc. A very very rough average chance of an American getting hit by lightning once within their lifetime (assume 80-year lifetime) is apparently 1/6250 based solel (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Lightning Strikes Twice - 2013?

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Is it a myth or a fact that lightning never strikes twice in the same place?

Lightning can strike anywhere and it is certain that overgeological time ALL places on Earth have been struck more thanonce. In cases where something on the surface may build up anelectrical charge at a point (eg a lightening rod) then thelightning will certainly strike it much more frequently. Also (MORE)

Why doesn't lightning strike twice at the same place?

Lightning Myths: Lightning never strikes the same placetwice . TRUTH: The old saying that ' lightning never strikes the same place twice ' is another myth thatany veteran storm observer or researcher has seen nature defy. Lightning can strike any location more thanonce..

Can a tornado strike the same location twice?

A tornado striking a given area does not change that area's chancesbe being hit again in the future. In some tornado outbreaks thesame location has been hit two or even three times in the same day.It is also possible, though rare, for a spot to be hit twice by thesame tornado. In order for this to h (MORE)

Lightning never strikes twice in the same place - is this a myth or a fact?

Fact - lightning can strike twice in the same place - which is partof what we rely on when installing lightning rods. However, when applied to an individual, that person makes sure thatit does not happen to them again. Another fact. (Although a few people have been struck multiple times bylightni (MORE)