Does marketing create or satisfy needs?

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There can be various answers to this question, and it can be varied in depth and example. I shall try to provide some guidance. From my understanding, I feel that marketing does both. It creates and also satisfies needs of customers. For establised firms, it's essential to be able to satisfy the needs of customers. As they say, a satisfied customer is a profitable one. To be able to satisfy the customer's needs, the firm thus tries to understand it's customer's needs and then attempt try to deliver it. On the other hand, new firms or marketing these days also attempt to 'create' needs. By doing so, the customer have a reason to buy the product. The basic reason customers purchase anything is they need it. However if customers have a perception that they do not need it, they may not purchase the product. Hence marketing these days have evolved to create needs for customers. Marketing these days does not only mean existing customers, which have needs but also non existing customers, which have no needs. Creating needs by marketing can mean the excellent usage of promotion activities, from words on a poster to colours on it. It can also mean effective sales techniques by the door to door salesman which can talk their way to sell you anything. - CLICK HERE ;]
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It has been commonly said that marketing is satisfying customers needs at a profit yet critics of marketing have said that marketing creates unnecessary needs wants how would you attempt to explain?

I'm not sure how common it has been said, but marketing is used mainly to influence a need. A company with a product will hire an advertising agency to create desire for a product to the point where one might feel they need it. Scholars will argue till the end of time, but I think this answer is (MORE)

Can a company satisfy its customers needs?

The aim of any company is to create satisfied customers. In thepast what have you done to guarantee that customers were alwayssatisfied? Can you give me a specific example? the answer is : > market offering Because the offers of goods and services to market is the aim of anorganization that leads (MORE)

How does marketing satisfy students needs?

Marketing satisfies students needs because skillful marketing ofthe right courses helps students to make proper decisions about theschools to join. Students at times need guidance on the best schoolto learn some skills, but they do not have a reference point tomake their decisions.

Are wants the means of satisfying needs?

no,first we know that wants are somethings that we can live without $ needs are things we cann't live without, so this means in short that wants can never satisfy need.

What is satisfying?

To achieve and be content with a satisfactory outcome, say when solving a problem, instead of trying to arrive to a better solution say cheaper and easier to carry out.

Do marketers create needs or do needs preexist marketers?

There was a time when the concept was "Make-&-Sell"(product centered) and the job was to find right customer to your product. . With the globalization and the tremendous technology change which in return has created the necessity. . We all know that"necessity is the "mother of invention". . There (MORE)

Needs and wants how are they satisfied?

Through peer pressure and how other people affect each other into wanting that certain item. And possibly if your either financially wealthy or not this can affect your needs and wants. Grade 10 Student

What is need satisfying objectives?

as a business projector you need to know your customers needs and must be able to set business objectives that does not affect or have any effect on your consumers.doing this one will be able to know his or her customers needs.

What is market needs?

Marketing needs are the ways a business attracts and keeps itscustomers. In order to determine marketing needs, a business mustdetermine their aimed demographic.

When do marketers need marketing research?

It is beneficial for marketers to have market research conducted atall stages of their business. The more research they have done themore realistic goals and decisions they can make. Well via market research you have a data about your branch reachand what common folks think about your brand buy fall (MORE)

What is a market need?

A market need is created when there is no solution to a problem or a simpler solution is needed. It can also be created when there is not enough supply of a product or service to meet demand.

What is a created market?

i belive that it was Alfred Marshall but he also wrote a book called Principles of Economics in 1890.

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There's no wrong answer.... Large penis give you a good reputation, but in actuality alot of women don't want anything over 7" inside of them... ...Small penis have a bad reputation, but are common amongst the general population and are the marrying type..and not viewed as freakish... In the end, i (MORE)

What kind of reinforcement is one that satisfies a biological need?

Primary reinforcement is generally the reinforcement that satisfies a biological need. They are natural and not learned. To illustrate, if you are thirsty and someone says that there is a glass of water in the refrigerator, there's a good chance that you'd walk there. If you weren't thirsty, howeve (MORE)

How research satisfies man's needs?

"By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher." - Socrates Men seek wisdom and knowledge.. I really don't think it satisfies anything, personally. I'm a philosopher/researcher and it does nothing but lead to more questions.

How do businesses satisfy needs and wants?

needs are essential to ones survival, while wants merely express a desire for something which could over time, help to satisfy a need. as societies become more complex, and as human begins take on more sophisticated lifestyles, their needs and wants increase. therefore a variety of needs and wants a (MORE)

How do businesses satisfy wants and needs?

if you are reading this then you are probably in Principles ofbusiness and finance and if you arent doing it for a class then youare a werido who is interested in boring stuff

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Personally I can say yes! I have God and he is truly satisfying! People in a modern secular society seek to find satisfation in: Money Sex Fame Someone famous like *shudders* Justin Bieber probably has all three of these. I'm not doubting that he thinks he is happy. I'm sure he or any (MORE)

What is the market needs?

Let's say you want to buy a do-dad. You go to the store, but there are no do-dads. The market for do-dads has a need as you want one, but none are available. So, "The market needs" someone to supply do-dad's so you can buy them.

Do you think marketing merely reflects the needs and wants of consumers or that marketing creates unnecessary customers needs and wants?

A. Marketing merely reflects the needs and wants of customers. B. Marketing shapes consumer needs and wants. Part A 'Marketing merely reflects the needs and wants of customers.' We all need to eat, drink and sleep and reproduce, this is all part of who we are as human beings. Therefore at the ba (MORE)

How can you be satisfied with what you are?

You can be satisfied with who you are when you are always honest with yourself, do the best you can, treat others the best you can, don't beat yourself up for being human and making human mistakes, recognize your own responsibilities, don't shirk your responsibilities, don't make excuses for your mi (MORE)

What do businesses do to satisfy peoples needs and wants?

Business seeks to satisfy the needs and wants of customers. Needs are things that we all need to survive: water Food shelter warmth Wants are everything else: A luxury Boat A New Car Air Travel Pets An expensive Watch Business does this by creating goods for sale - and providing them in a place wher (MORE)

How can firms satisfy a customers need?

Needs of the customers can be satisfied by delivering them the valuable products in terms of physical product and after sales services. these product and services must be provided after conducting research& development program.

What is the discovery and satisfying customers need?

Sometimes when customers go into shops and buy things they expect the best of them but when they go home they sometimes regret buying the item because it wasn't in good working conditions and they want the item they spent their money on to be the best because they don't like wasting their money so (MORE)

Is government a need-satisfying organization?

Yes. Sometimes it neglects very real needs like good maintenanceand renovation of our infrastructure; or a decent social securitysystem (because politicians score no bonus points spending hundredsof millions on that) and sometimes it overspends, like on Defence(spending on Defence always does scor (MORE)