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Does masturbating affect hair growth and cause hair loss?

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Masturbation can trigger hair loss in certain people, however one must keep in mind, that masturbation is not the cause of it, ejaculation is the cause. Hence any kind of sexual activity that results in ejaculation can cause hair loss in certain individuals if it is over-indulged in.

So excessive masturbation can trigger this effect as it overloads the bloodstream with DHT (di-hydrotestosterone), that affect the hair follicles on the head.

Source (http://www.4-men.org/malehairloss.html)

One must also note that other factors can cause hair loss, such as stress.
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Does masturbating cause hair loss?

No. It has absolutely no negative effects if you do it healthfully. It is 100% normal, natural, and healthy. It is part of being a healthy male.
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