Does masturbation cause baldness?

Answer Masturbation does not cause hair loss, blindness, or hairy palms. It is, however, known to have cardiovascular benefits, and it's been established that it correlates with lower risk of prostate cancer.
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Do hats cause balding?

  no it does not   No they do not. While there may be some disorders and medication that may cause someone to bald, it is generally a genetic reason.

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Is the bald Eagle really bald?

No. Their heads are covered with white feathers. Originally the bald eagle was called a "blade eagle". In Old English, "blade" meant white.

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How do you get bald?

We might end up getting bald when we keep wearing hats for a long time as it will be very hot that the hair will drop. Even when you dry your hair using the hair dryer you act… (MORE)

What cause loss of hair or baldness?

It is said" that using different types of shampoo can cause hair loss, it's best to stick to one brand of shampoo & avoid cheap shampoos, & Allah knows best!

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