Your music videos are inspired by the fashion scene. What are your thoughts on fashion?

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Does phentermine lower sperm count?

NO, but it has more severe, side effects include: Convulsions, Fever, Hallucinations, Agitation and aggression, Bizarre behavior, Mental or mood changes, Increased blood press

Can walking lower sperm count?

Walking has no effect on sperm count, unless you accidentally cause trauma to the testicles during the walk.

Do you get low sperm count from masturbation?

No, a low sperm count can be caused by genetic or enviromantal factors as well as age but not masturbation.

Does masturbating lower your sperm count?

Yes it does lower the sperm count.

Does masturbation reduce sperm count?

your body constantly reproduces sperm therefor the sperm-count will not go down just as if u cut yourself blood comes out but your body doesn't have less blood no Temporarily,

Do polos lower sperm count?

No, eating polos will not lower your sperm count. How ever eating a  fatty diet can reduce a mans sperm count by 40%