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How do you lower sperm count?

Heat is very bad for your sperm in general, from (alledgedly)  placing a laptop in your lap too long/ofetn to frequently visiting  a sauna or having a bad bout of fever.  (MORE)

Do laptops lower your sperm count?

It was once believed that the heat generated by the laptop can raise the temperature of the male scrotum and thus kill some sperm cells and thus effectively lowering the sperm (MORE)
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Does caffeine lower sperm count?

Caffeine does lower sperm count in some men. Caffeine can help  improve the sperm's mobility to reach the egg. For others, it can  lead to genetic mutation of the sperm and (MORE)

Can mountiandew lower sperm count?

Caffeine has been found to lower sperm count. The amount of soda needed to be consumed to dramatically lower sperm quality is about 1 liter per day.
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Does cancer lower your sperm count?

Unless you had cancer of the testicles, cancer does not lower sperm count directly, but it is possible if you had a type of cancer that produced hormones, but it would be very (MORE)

Does phentermine lower sperm count?

NO, but it has more severe, side effects include: Convulsions, Fever, Hallucinations, Agitation and aggression, Bizarre behavior, Mental or mood changes, Increased blood press (MORE)