Does Medicaid cover funeral expenses?

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NO. I say again, NO! SS only pays less than $300 at death. You need Final Expense insurance for pennies on the dollar to pay for the funeral, tombstone, grave site, graveside service, medical bills, probate, estate taxes, etc, etc. If you don't, you leave that financial Burden with your family.

My original answer that Medicaid covers funeral expenses still stands. This is a state by state thing. Some states do and some don't. Indiana Medicaid does pay for SOME funeral expenses; body burial and cremation. The Indiana Medicaid coverage for a body burial is insufficient to cover those costs.

Indiana recently raised their maximum for cremation. One cremation company based in Indianapolis will accept the Medicaid money and include an urn without any costs to the family.

For information on funeral expenses you may want to take a look at the web site Funerals and Ripoffs. You will be surprised when you read the documented facts about the funeral industry and the site will show you how to save money in planning the funeral.
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Insurance to cover funeral expenses?

Burial insurance (aka funeral insurance) is a basic issue life insurance policy that covers people's burial expenses. Burial insurance is promoted as a way to pay in advance f

What Medicaid does not cover?

Medicaid varies by state. You may contact your state Medicaid office concerning coverage for specific procedures.

Does Medicaid cover all medical expenses?

Medicaid covers "necessary" medical care, which includes virtually all basic services. However, the definition of "necessary" varies from State to State.
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How much does Medicaid pay for funeral?

Medicaid does not pay a funeral benefit. There is a very smallfuneral benefit under some circumstances from Social Security.