Does myron bolitar have siblings?

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A sister is mentioned in at least one book, that I recall. Also a brother - Brad - is mentioned in Final Detail and in Long Lost.
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In the harlan coben book one false move the character myron bolitar refers to a brother that he went with to a baseball game never again in any of the 8 myron bolitar books is there a brother mentione?

Myron's brother "Brad" is never mentioned in any other book in the series. It seems that the author stuck it in that book and forgot about him in the rest. It is a major overs

What are siblings?

Siblings are two or more children who have at least one commonbiological or legal (adoptive) parent.

Why do you have siblings?

The reason you have siblings is because your parents wanted another baby and becuase they want a bigger family. Also siblings are to play and have fun with.

Who is myron?

a sclupter of Greece during the peloplnessian war

What is a sibling?

A sibling is another word for a brother or sister (not genderspecific). If someone asks you "Do you have siblings?" it meansthey are asking you if you have brothers or sisters

What is a siblings?

no its sibling........but.......siblings are brothers and sisters. hope i helped. ur friend. taylor

Is Myron Bolitar a white man or a black man?

he is white. from one false move. 'And you were just entering high school,' she added. 'The only white guy that showed up steadily. You made all-state out of Livingston Hi
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What does myron bolitar look likd?

In the second Myron Bolitar book "Drop Shot" and during Myron's first meeting with Valerie's psychiatrist, she comments on him referring to himself as Bruce Willis that he is

What did Myron accoplish?

Myron of Eleuthrae was a sculptor in bronze in the first half ofthe 5th Century BCE, producing representations of athletes whichbrought a new boldness of pose and sense of rhy