Does paintball hurt?

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In general you can expect a paintball to sting (comparative to a thick rubber band snap to the back of the neck, but wherever you are hit), as they're normally shot at around 300 ft/ sec. Without clothes, paintballs will generally leave a welt.
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How bad does paintball hurt?

Paintball, as a fact does not hurt. When you get hit in a round you go to a safe net and you get a chance to recover. If you play speedball it will hurt more than woodsball. P

Do paintballs hurt?

Yes If you have body armor, WEAR IT! And usually there is a disclaimer that is accepted by patrons ofpaintball places that implies the user can't hold the park/facilityliable

Does paintballing hurt?

It doesn't hurt too bad but it leaves welts sometimes I got bruises when i played and it hurt bad enough where i freaked out my 1st time (4 shots in the leg on automatic)

Can a paintball gun hurt?

Yes, in fact all paintball guns "hurt". It is not the gun that hurts, but the paintball from them, traveling at around 300 feet per second, which will feel like taking a thick

Will co2 hurt a paintball gun?

It depends. Almost all mechanical, or electric assist sear tripping markers can run CO2, like Tippmann, spyder, and other cheap markers. All electro pneumatic guns will jam up

Does paintball skirmish hurt?

It depends on the range the paintball is fired from and the thickness of the clothing that you wear, but generally speaking YES they do hurt.

How much do paintballs hurt?

A paintball chronographed at 290 FPS from about thirty feet will hurt about as much as a thick rubber band snap on the neck, except for anywhere you get hit. You can reduce th

Do paintballs hurt while you have paintball gear on?

Yes, paintballs will always hurt, if you cannot feel them under your clothes, you are technically cheating. Although it hurts to get hit with a paintball, you can't wear ex

Do frozen paintballs hurt?

No! They will be hard for about 10 minutes after leaving the freezer, then they will become very, very soft and you probably wont feel a thing if you get hit! If you see someb

Does airsoft or paintball hurt more?

Paintballs will hurt more. They travel only slightly slower than air soft pellets, but have nearly ten times the mass. This gives it more foot-pounds of energy, causing more p

How much does it hurt when a paintball hits you?

Generally, it will depend on a few factors such as: Velocity of the paintball, How much clothing is worn, and what part of the body it is. When you get hit in the stomach with
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Will water hurt your paintball gun?

Yes, in most markers there are either certain metal parts that can rust or sensitive electronics which can short or be destroyed by water. If you just splash your marker by ju