Does repeatedly pushing an elevator button make the elevator come sooner?

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No. Pressing the button once will tell the control logic that a rider is waiting for the lift. It will respond by stopping the next upgoing or downgoing car on that floor. It's that simple.
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What is an elevator?

of airplanes, a movable control surface, usually near the tail, controls pitch

What are elevators?

elevators are machines installed in tall buildings ,to take people to upper floors in few seconds. Answer . el·e·va·tor (?l ' ?-v?'t?r) n. . A platform or an enclos

How do elevator buttons work?

When you press the button, a microswitch creates a circuit. That circuit sends a signal to the elevator controller, which is a computer that runs the elevator. Instantly, the

What is the elevator earthquake button?

The button is used to allow the elevator doors to be open in a safe way and allow the building security etc. to know you are there and need rescue.

What is in a elevator?

Cab, control panel, lights, floor, walls, certificate, handles,floor buttons, door buttons, alarm, phone, fan, brand name,lanterns, and ceiling.

Why do you have elevators?

can someone climb 30 floors to an office every day ? of course not . we can have high buildings because we have elevators

What is a elevator?

a elevator is a thing that helps us around places in story building

What is a shuffle button on an elevator?

Here is the answer directly from Otis: " The Shuffle button is used only by Otis Technicians when they need to change the placement of the lower/upper deck elevators. It allow

What is the correct way of pushing a wheelchair in a elevator?

Pull the wheelchair backwards into the elevator. The large back wheels will roll smoothly over the gap between the floor and the elevator, while the small front wheels may bin